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  1. Alynne

    DC Poblano not ripening

    Hi all. Haven't been around much this summer. Lots going on here at home. I've still been growing and harvesting but am now having an issue I need help with. Have a poblano plant that is doing great. I'm using them fresh and have roasted a bunch but want some to ripen so I can dry into...
  2. Alynne

    DC Balcony Glog 2016

    Thanks! I think leaving them alone may be the best thing to do.
  3. Alynne

    DC Balcony Glog 2016

    This miserable spring made me ignore the balcony. Too cold. Then it got HOT! Think leaving everything alone may have been a good call. Here is where we are early July. And close ups Giant jalapeƱo. I never get them to do well and this is the sickliest plant that survived. I will get a...
  4. Alynne

    THE drawer.

    This is my container drawer 15 min ago. This is everything in it. I had to smoosh everything. So now to organize and clean the nasty stuff on the bottom of the drawer. How many need to do this?
  5. Alynne


    I'm not in Florida but my parents are there every winter. I know a lot of the people here are locals. I am so sorry for the last week. It's been horrible. Blessings to all.
  6. Alynne

    It was a dark and stormy...forever

    Yep, get them as dry as you can. Can you put them under cover?
  7. Alynne

    pests What kind of bug is this?

    Ewwww! Brings to mind "Wrath of Kahn"
  8. Alynne

    How to break down bones in garden

    Years ago the National Zoo in DC sold small statues of zoo animals made out of composted manure. You put them in your garden and they slowly decomposed, fertilizing your garden. I thought that would be perfect for Mother's Day. Mom is hard to buy for. Sent my then husband a week before to buy...
  9. Alynne

    Extreme membership renewal

    It worked! Thank you.
  10. Alynne

    A little pepper porn 2016

    What a wonderful space! What is the giant tree? And beautiful peppers, btw.
  11. Alynne

    Give a girl hope

    Looking good! So sorry about your in grounds. Who knew May could be so cruel.
  12. Alynne

    Extreme membership renewal

    I got an email about renewing my extreme membership. Tried to pay but only gives a paypal option? I'm sure I used a credit card last year. What's up?
  13. Alynne

    How soon can I repot again?

    Welcome! I have had great success in pots on a west facing balcony in Washington DC. I find that 3 plants of various sizes, one small, one tall, one bushy work well in a 10 gallon pot. This year I am trying one plant per large pot but conditions have been miserable. Hard to judge what is best...
  14. Alynne

    This is One Hairy Girl !

    I over wintered mine as a Bonchi. It did well and survived this dismal may. Looking good so far. Love the plant.
  15. Alynne

    DC Balcony Glog 2016

    Things are looking much better. Replaced two with farmers market finds. Purple cayenne and multicolored "Chinese". Their labels, not mine. The plants look good, we'll see what happens The Scorpion and Chultepino are gone. Here are the new arrivals. My Ancho has survived this spring very...
  16. Alynne

    Give a girl hope

    Things are looking much better. Replaced two with farmers market finds. Purple cayenne and multicolored "Chinese". Their labels, not mine. The plants look good, we'll see what happens. Pics to come. Actually, the point of this post was to see sunshine and happy plants. Thank you all for that...
  17. Alynne

    DC Balcony Glog 2016

    Well, the sun has come out for 2 days in a row. Things are starting to dry out and actually watered 2 plants today for the first time in weeks. Think I have 2 casualties. This was my over wintered Trinidad Scorpion grown from seed. It didn't take well to going outside and a few days ago...
  18. Alynne

    Sunday dinner

    Nope, not burnt tortillas, but I wish! How's this? And a little left over.
  19. Alynne

    Pepper plants starting to produce nodes,flowers to early

    If we ever get any sun, think I may do the same. Have a few flowers on plants that haven't grown at all. :(
  20. Alynne

    Give a girl hope

    Thank you all! The sun was out a bit today but now gray and raining. Again I sweats with the heat on. I will try to keep the faith.