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  1. ChupaMiChipotle

    fermenting Pepper mash questions

    So I've done a few fermentations the past 2-3 months. I wanted to give a go at doing a mash fermentation. I had some ghost peppers and bunch of left over habanero. Started them both on 7/20. Blended them up, weighed the mash weight, 3.5% salt, put them in regular ball jars and put them on the...
  2. ChupaMiChipotle

    Enough lurking, time to join in the fun

    Been lurking on the site for a few months as I've been starting my hot sauce company. Decided to take the plunge and finally register and join in on the conversations. Current sauces: "V for Verde" - Smoked Serrano and green apple "ChupaMiChipotle" - Morita chipotle and papaya "HabSolo" -...