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  1. Erinmojo

    ChilliCrosser 2021 Belated Glog

    Your PDN have such an amazing color.
  2. Erinmojo

    SKULLBIKER'S "Whats old is new for 22 glog"

    This season was a tough one for sure. Living 30 minutes from Miami, it seems we went from winter to living on the blades of the sun. Glad to hear it isn't just my garden. Good luck on the fall grow.
  3. Erinmojo

    SKULLBIKER'S Everything BUT Peppers 2022 GOLOG(growing other log)

    Beautiful! Any idea how long it took from bloom till ripe please?
  4. Erinmojo

    Hello from South Florida USA

    It's time I share something with you all. Might as well put this here. Happy Sunday.
  5. Erinmojo

    Hello from South Florida USA

    Thanks for the welcome! I'll admit, it took me a minute to log in. I thought "What is the hottest pepper?" was a trick question.
  6. Erinmojo

    Hello from South Florida USA

    Hello all, Long time gardener here, always looking for more tricks and tips. Been down in S FL almost four years, have been into tropical plants and a new love for growing a wide variety peppers. My passion is variegated foliage, both from hot and mild peppers. Don't have a list made yet, but...