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  1. GhostPepperz

    HeatMiser's Keeping it Simple With Old Seeds 2020 Grow

    Heat Miser are you the same Heat Miser from the KSHB weather blog?
  2. GhostPepperz

    Winter indoor grow/ 2020 grow list

    That jerky looks delicious
  3. GhostPepperz

    What are good sandals/slippers to wear indoors

      So true, and they forgot to add the tramp stamp.
  4. GhostPepperz

    Most Anticipated Variety

    Id like to think there is still an undiscovered variety hidden in some jungle our highland in South America 
  5. GhostPepperz

    Japanese Maples Anyone ?

     That is the coolest japanese maple I have ever seen
  6. GhostPepperz

    DF 2018 Veg Grow log

    That is so messed up someone stomped on your garden
  7. GhostPepperz

    New Chilihead from down south....Waaay South...South Africa

    How did the hot sauce turn out? What did you use to make it?
  8. GhostPepperz

    Walchit's Glog 2018

        Where did you get this?
  9. GhostPepperz

    Brochachos Hot Sauce

    Avacado Jalapeno sauce? Interesting...Id like to try it. 
  10. GhostPepperz

    I Love Manzano Peppers!

    Welcome from Kansas
  11. GhostPepperz

    Grass Snake's Garden 2018

    Thanks for the info. I ended up buying some tobacco seeds from I bought some Cuban and Virginia tobacco seeds. This will be my first year growing it too. 
  12. GhostPepperz

    Grass Snake's Garden 2018

    I like your setup. What really caught my eye was growing tobacco. Thats pretty cool, how do you use it? Where is a good place for seeds? I think it would be fun to roll my own cigars.
  13. GhostPepperz

    Walchit's Glog 2018

    Hey Walchit, if you get a good harvest this year Id like to stop by again and buy some from you. Im doing a grow, but will only be doing certain varieties, and it looks like you are stepping your game up on the variety this year.
  14. GhostPepperz

    Jedisushi06 2018 grow

  15. GhostPepperz

    Walchit's Glog 2018

    Cold weather not being nice to us in NE KS. Im ready to plant outside, but the ground isnt. This weekend going to be another cold one. 
  16. GhostPepperz

    Jedisushi06 2018 grow

    nice bud!
  17. GhostPepperz

    Walchit's Glog 2018

    Looks like you are not playin around this year. Ill have to come visit this summer again to check out the plants. Im going to do an outdoor grow over here in LV County. 
  18. GhostPepperz

    photography Photo Album

    Yeah Dragon I just saw the Photobucket thread on how they charge now. So I direct upload and it turned it on me. 
  19. GhostPepperz

    photography Photo Album

    Here is a photo of a well I just had drilled in northeast Kansas for oil. Specifically Leavenworth County, where yes, the city of Leavenworth is with the fed prison. Its very intimidating to drive by and see. I have mineral rights on a landowners property who is a retired guard from there, and...
  20. GhostPepperz

    Fox Farms Ocean Forest?

        Im going to use it for some potted plants that will get the best care, but mix it for plants im putting in the ground. It is costly if you are planning on a large outdoor grow.