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  1. Hot_R_Not

    It's growing season!

    It's growing season!
  2. Hot_R_Not

    Buddy's 2011 Planned Grow List

    Nice Buddy....they look good and healthy. Good Job! Wished my first set didn't break out with mold...mine look horrible compared to yours.
  3. Hot_R_Not

    Laugh of the day!

    Now that's cool---sad but yet funny. Nice. Thank you for sharing. Poor Denver! awe~ Our female dog hides when she is in trouble....pretty easy to see. Very touching!
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    Plant Troubles

    not an expert but if leaves are curling, the plant needs's too dry. as far as the pimples, when i have encountered that on the stem, it was due to mold that i had and tried to remove it but the pimples represented a disease to the plant from the mold. again not an expert just my...
  5. Hot_R_Not

    sorry it has take awhile to respond, still not that great with this site as well as traveling...

    sorry it has take awhile to respond, still not that great with this site as well as traveling. what seeds are available. i have a special garden for all the hot peppers. thank you for the post.
  6. Hot_R_Not

    contest April ideas

    I love the throwdowns and the 'secret' ingredient.....perhaps try "jelly beans" as the secret ingredient for April's throwdown to bring in the Easter Holiday? How Hot_R_Not are your Jelly Beans.....???? thinking Easter Baskets with with a bit of heat.
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    I tried the cornmeal trick as I also found this on another website. Problem got bigger. I not only had the white mold but also got a bluish/green mold as well. The cornmeal did not work and I ended up throwing out that whole set. Issue is there is too much moisture. I used the self-rising...
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    raised-bed Need cool ideas for raised beds!

    Nice....looks nice not tacky....good work.
  9. Hot_R_Not

    Hello from Northern Illinois

    Hello Everyone from Northern Illinois....luv this site!