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  1. Captdiamond

    Hello from Florida!

    Yes welcome
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    glock 27... hot sauce...beef jerky

    glock 27... hot sauce...beef jerky
  3. Captdiamond

    Does this look like Sugar Rush Peach?

    They look like mine did
  4. Captdiamond

    vendor Mega Biggups to Texas Hot Peppers

    I had a similar great experience with them
  5. Captdiamond

    vendor Jaunitos Peppers

    I ordered a SFRB of peppers last week. The box came in about 2-3 days and it was stuffed with the finest quality peppers ive seen. The JPGS and BBMs are incredible size. I am eating them as fast as I can.   Great vendor
  6. Captdiamond

    Eating Superhots!

    My first experience was with a reaper. My co workers and I all cut one up into 5 pieces and ate it. Seconds later a young lady was in tears, my boss was hiccupping uncontrollably, and my teeth were chattering like a muppet...   good times   That was my intro to the world of super hots. Shortly...
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    How many plants can you manage?

    Im thinking 15 plants would be a reasonable amount for me. Come home from work and go check them for 15 mins. Feed em on the weekends and check em for bugs.   Next season will be different.
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    How many plants can you manage?

    Hi Pepper People   This is my first topic I have made a post for. My question is how many plants do you grow? These plants all take time and special care to keep bugs off of them and keep them fed and happy. I caught pepper fever about a year ago and now have about 40 adults and another 25...
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    Hello from Boston!

    Welcome Dan
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    fertilizer Miracle Grow Liquid Fertilizer

    I think there is directions on the bottle. I add a few teaspoons to my water can about once a week. Then use fish fert the other weeks
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    fertilizer Miracle Grow Liquid Fertilizer

    I also use the dyna grow foliage pro...  I think it really makes a difference
  12. Captdiamond

    Curling leaves on a Datil

    Hi Suncoast I went up to St Augustine last November and purchased 6 Datil plants from a local seller. They looked perfect at noon and after a 5 hour car ride south to Ft Lauderdale they were all curling. It was very frustrating. I planted them all in 5 gal grow bags and put them in partial sun...
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    Super Bowl Contest ! 2017

    Awesome Game   Thanks Frank
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    Hi from Adelaide, South Australia

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    Super Bowl Contest ! 2017

        31-27 Atlanta 850 yards
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    Hello From Fort guy here

    Hello Everyone   Allow myself to introduce... myself :) Brand new to THP. I just started growing about 9 months ago. Lookin to make friends and learn a few things.  Thanks for having me