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  1. CaneDog

    Siv's 5th Golden Glog

    Good luck with the 2023 crop, Siv! The weed control covering is a good call. So is the "million monkeys" approach to sprouting the dried-pod Er Jing Tiao seeds ;) I started using landscape fabric in one of my gardens a couple season's ago and it's made a massive difference, with only a...
  2. CaneDog

    Best herbs to add to garden?

    Thanks, @Ratatouille. I'll check around a little more thoroughly than I did yesterday. I may turn up something searching under its different names, as it seems to have a few.
  3. CaneDog

    JJJessee 2023

    The answer to that question is always "heck yeah" - even those times when it probably shouldn't be :)
  4. CaneDog

    Best herbs to add to garden?

    Thanks for mentioning this, @Ratatouille. I'd like to try growing this alongside my culantro as they seem to like a similar environment. Does anyone know of a trustworthy seed source for a U.S. destination?
  5. CaneDog

    JJJessee 2023

    That's nice assemblage of slow peppers. Especially with pubescens already up and growing. What happened to the TFM bonnet?
  6. CaneDog

    Stettoman '23: Had ya wondering, didn't I?

    It's no fun having to cut players to get down to that final roster. :(
  7. CaneDog

    thoroughburro 2023, kith and kitchen

    Man, that's frustrating. Hopefully they start coming up pronto now!
  8. CaneDog

    CaneDog 2022 Glog

    Yeah man. That's exactly it. I still have a few of the original seeds you sent me and 2 small AAD plants growing indoors right now. The creases on those pods have been wicked and a good number of people have commented so. I've shared a few of the seeds along the way, too. BTW - I just put...
  9. CaneDog

    seeds Chili Chilaca seed question.

    Wow! That's super disappointing @SpainChillihead
  10. CaneDog

    MikeUSMC 2023 GLOG

    I got some bahamian beast F3 seeds from WHP as a freebie in late 2018, so I'd guess those are F4's. The seeds I got were expected to grow red though and the one plant I grew, did. I don't remember much about it except that it was a strong plant with solid production. Not sure about the V2...
  11. CaneDog

    Grass Snake 🐍 in the garden

    Way to go @sobelri ! Really awesome that you can add those to your fig orchard, GS.
  12. CaneDog

    misc Fallacy or fact?

    Haha. @Grass Snake talking crazy left over beer... ;)
  13. CaneDog

    misc Fallacy or fact?

    Maybe a variation of using molasses, which is often used as a nutrient source for beneficial microbes including in compost teas and such.
  14. CaneDog

    2023 - It's never too early to get started!

    Hey Marc. I didn't realize you'd been hit by covid. Hope it's not too bad and passes quickly. Good luck with the stragglers, KSPS and Fatalii.
  15. CaneDog

    cooking I got a smoker!

  16. CaneDog

    Canedog Offseason Season 2022/23

    In this case I was just focused on the one being different than the others, but my memory (now after reading your post) is that I've had other frutescence that show this. I don't remember noticing this as a consistent pattern, but a while back I took pictures of a bunch of recent sprouts to...
  17. CaneDog

    Canedog Offseason Season 2022/23

    Sure, Ratatouille, I can oblige with a couple pics right now. In full disclosure, these aren't the most uggo of the uggos, but I don't want to risk traumatizing any of our more sensitive viewers ;) Here's one of two Er Jing Tiao I managed to germinate from a bag of industrially dried pods -...
  18. CaneDog

    Growing some tasty stuff

    Far from the leggiest I've seen. The top one doesn't look all too terrible. Bottom one has quite a lean, though ;) They sure can go crazy sometimes with low light at higher heats.
  19. CaneDog

    Canedog Offseason Season 2022/23

    Thanks guys! There's definitely a few uggos in the mix that I'll keep hidden until they recover. The edema's been rough on several, including that "de Arbol," above. @Mildfruit - at least if it's wrong I have company ;) By the way, did you figure out which Mirasol you'd grow this season? I...
  20. CaneDog

    Canedog Offseason Season 2022/23

    Well shoot, I suppose it's about time for a few more pictures. It's been a bit of a bumpy grow as I haven't had lots of free time to keep up with it. I think I've addressed the main issue though, which was too much heat and humidity, especially with such small containers, and the plants are...