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  1. Beaglestorm

    Ground 7 Pot Primo 1 pound

    Payment sent! Have a great weekend!   -Michael
  2. Beaglestorm

    Ground 7 Pot Primo 1 pound

    I'll take the Reaper if it is still available.
  3. Beaglestorm

    Ground Scorpion 1 Pound

    I'll take it.
  4. Beaglestorm

    SFRB of Peppers - 9/20/17 - $17 Shipped - CLOSED

    Ok will fix it now
  5. Beaglestorm

    SFRB of Peppers - $18 Shipped - SOLD

    Just missed it.  :mope:
  6. Beaglestorm

    Growing Manzanos in a hot climate

    I also was browsing Peperlover the last couple of days and found a few rocoto's that I was literary getting ready to order tonight. All the ones I tried in the past grew but never fruited. So is the general consensus that these descriptions below indicating easy growing or tolerance for hot...
  7. Beaglestorm

    Medium box of fresh pods mixed plus seeds plus powder for the Chris Phillips leukemia fund

    Chris defines kindness, sharing and integrity!  You have given me so much help, knowledge and support over the years, I'm happy to help you in your time of need. My prayers will be with you and your family Chris.   Let's bump this exceptionally generous box from 96strat up to $100.
  8. Beaglestorm

    for-sale Powders for sale! *CLOSED*

    I'll take the Peach Bhut and 1/2 oz of the Chocolate Mix. Thanks Musky
  9. Beaglestorm

    auction Pepper Powder Auction - 11 Varieties - 1/2 lb powder! Ends 11:00 PM EST 12/17/12 - CLOSED

    No sense waiting for this Cornucopia of Powdered Nirvana to inch up close to a value worthy of its deliciousness .... $75 Good to see things have not changed Chris, those are some amazing looking powders!
  10. Beaglestorm

    The hornworm......

    You can also use Spinosad. Search for the product on google. I used to pick them off like AJ when I had pots because it was easy to see the crap balls he mentioned.. now that all my plants are in the ground with heavy mulch.... I have a hard time finding the balls. Here is a link that shows...
  11. Beaglestorm

    New sauce needs reviews

    I can't wait to see the video.
  12. Beaglestorm

    Fresh Pods

    I would love to review some of your new pods Judy. I have been getting my stomach ready for the last month in anticipation of the review season starting. Just let me know what I need to do. -Mike
  13. Beaglestorm

    Fresh Pods

    Huge, amazing looking pods just like always Judy.... Glad to see nothing has changed.
  14. Beaglestorm

    Hendrix1326's Glog for 2012, yay!

    <p> All my plants are from cross country nurseries this season so i will be reviewing those. It will be nice have some reviews of chiles that anyone can order for themselves . normally their first question is where can i get this pepper and i have to tell them you can't buy it you have to trade...
  15. Beaglestorm

    Hendrix1326's Glog for 2012, yay!

    My Aribibi Gusano is being stubborn and refuses to pod up. I think it is to close to the shaded side of my garden. I had never seen a picture of a green one. I had no idea they grow that long and skinny from the start. I figured it would grow out like a little finger. Pictures look great...
  16. Beaglestorm

    annuum Jalapeño crosses

    Hot Pooper sent me a great Nagapeno to test 2 years ago. Looked just like a jalapeno but had a strong bhut flavor to it. Heat was more than a jalapeno but not superhot. I think he said the grow outs did not produce similar results. I remember telling him at the time that I would not want a...
  17. Beaglestorm

    Next Year's Grow... Summer 2013. Updated and need more advice

    I recommend AjiJoes Peach Bhut Jolokia. It's the best tasting superhot that I have found. Very unique flavor, great balance of heat and flavor and should dry very well. The Brown 7 is also a great pepper to try and grow. It's is crazy hot but for some reason the small amount of flavor that...
  18. Beaglestorm

    Tmudders 7 pot Brown review!

    Great Video! Watching this brings back horrible memories from the past couple of years. LOL Judy's brown is a killer but I did enjoy the flavor much more than the Douglah. Seems like every year it gets harder and harder to start eating and reviewing super hots again. Your video is great mental...