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  1. FeistyParrot

    event National Fiery Food & BBQ Show - Albuquerque

    Hope it was fun! Did anyone manage to get a peak at my disc it? Or a photo or something?
  2. FeistyParrot

    Key's Giveaway #1

    Just saw this! Congratulations, I hope you enjoy our Savage Beast and key your el jefes will be in the post tomorrow thank you :-)
  3. FeistyParrot

    labels Sam & Oliver Stoke chipotle adobo sauce label critique

    Just had a quick scan of this thread so apologies if someone bought it up, but have you thought of changing stoke to stoke? As in "well stoked!" Stoke to stoked even! Damn phone :-)
  4. FeistyParrot

    The 8th Annual Hot Pepper Awards - WINNERS!

    Congrats to all! And oh hell yes Ken...stick it up there!
  5. FeistyParrot

    Tingling with antici......

    Any news fiery peeps?
  6. FeistyParrot

    Feisty Parrot wins 4 awards at the Scovies

    Hahhhaaa now THAT would be worth being a fly on the wall! :-)
  7. FeistyParrot

    Feisty Parrot wins 4 awards at the Scovies

    Thanks Scott, you too!
  8. FeistyParrot

    Feisty Parrot wins 4 awards at the Scovies

    Hi All Feisty Parrot managed to sweep the marketing and advertising division at the Scovies this year, we took 4 awards and are pretty damn excited about it :-) 1st Place and Grand Prize for our Logo 1st Place point of sale for our recipe cards 3rd place for our Demented Canary Label A huge...
  9. FeistyParrot

    Island Sunshine Wins 1st Place SCOVIE!

    Congratulations Ken!
  10. FeistyParrot

    Winter Farmers Market Controversy

    Crow...just saw the complete winners list for the Chile Pepper Awards....CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!! Blackberry Belle is on my Xmas wish list :-)
  11. FeistyParrot

    pics Whiteflies taking over in Florida. Pics inside.

    I live in Fort Lauderdale and have been fighting these little s$@&s for 5 years....I have given up with my ficus hedge, it's an awesome twigs and 3 leaf barrier at the moment..stunning! They've attacked my palms, my avocado, and Dave's peppers. Neem oil has worked on the peppers, we previously...
  12. FeistyParrot

    event Houston Hot Sauce Festival

    It was fun, would definitely try it do need Wellies though (not sure what the proper name for them is, rubber boots), was REALLY muddy! As for pics SL...did I not mention that I am the worlds worst photographer? ;-)
  13. FeistyParrot

    event Houston Hot Sauce Festival

    I just got back from the Houston Hot Sauce was fun and busy! So nice to catch up with the other awesome sauce makers I met in Louisiana :-) I would not have been able to attend without the help of Amy, James and the entire iBurn team, and I simply cannot thank them enough, they...
  14. FeistyParrot

    trade-show My 2nd show, and I really need to get a tent

    Hahhaa..can't imagine what someone would think if they tried that here, 3 macaws in security system ever!
  15. FeistyParrot

    Hot sauce / Barbecue webshop name

    Funny man! :-)
  16. FeistyParrot

    Hot sauce / Barbecue webshop name

    Volcanic Volcan Red Lava Lavanic (ok made that up) Feelin hot hot hot Spark Sparkey Ok that's it for now :-)
  17. FeistyParrot

    artwork Logo Feedback

    Me too...:-)
  18. FeistyParrot

    misc My table display crate i made for less than $40

    Your crate is cool! Crow, I made a box (has no bottom but stops bottles falling over) out of some wood pieces I found at home depot sure you could do the same with metal strips :-)
  19. FeistyParrot

    event Houston Hot Sauce Festival

    Who's going????
  20. FeistyParrot

    Shipping and Flying to a show...what to take and what to do without!

    Ugh...better add a few extra boxes for that "just in case" scenario...