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  1. Devv

    Bhuter 1920 :shrug:

    Now we're going back in time.     Quiz:   Who said: "Exit stage left". ? And :"This means war". ?   Edit: No Google! ;)
  2. Devv

    GPR 2020: Seeing clearly

    Plants are looking good ;)   Pods very soon :dance:
  3. Devv

    Trippaul Threat (PdN x BMJ) Community Grow

    I wonder if the intense sun here helps whiten them? I looked at mine today and most are looking yellow, and a few older pods have gone pretty close to white. They don't get as white as the white Bhut from Walkgood, but close. Been raining today, will try to get a pic soon..
  4. Devv

    SKULLBIKERS Roaring Into The Twenties GLOG

    That's what I was wondering? Giving them away yet?
  5. Devv

    Growing Chiles in HEL - 2020

    Burns are NOT fun! I've been on fire a few times working as a fuel and emissions tech.   Please take care of the burn so it doesn't get infected...been there..   To answer your earlier question, I have Rheumatoid Arthritis. I used to ask my wife: "You don't hurt? I hurt every day". I didn't know...
  6. Devv

    HeatMiser's Keeping it Simple With Old Seeds 2020 Grow

    Well done, wishing you some smooth sailing ahead ;)
  7. Devv

    Purple Thunder / Bhut Jolokia x (PdN x Bonda Ma Jacques)

    Great looking plants!   I also didn't know there was a PT-4, what a freaky looking pod!   @ Lespaulde: My PT-2 plants go from a very dark purple, almost black to the red-ish color, then to a yellow.
  8. Devv

    CaneDog 2020

    Well done CD, the plants look great ;)   The galapagoense is a really cool plant, as is the Giant Yellow Rocoto x Eximium Cap 1491. Love the 4 flowers on one node :party:
  9. Devv

    Next to My Chair Again

    I was thinking edema as well; it doesn't look like the classic edema I see when I'm growing under lights though, where they get that bumpy look.   Regarding autopilot: I've been growing since 1982 in Texas (old I am), and have tried a ton of methods. But, never have tried hydro until this...
  10. Devv

    Devv: Someday, I'll get this right, South Tejas Growing

    Hi Joe,   Thanks, we have the grow space and being we are 100% organic we always plant extra. The critters always impact the production. This year was crazy, and everything did super well.   I love bringing people produce. I'm glad I'm not a farmer, I would go broke..LOL
  11. Devv

    Mildfruits 2020 hydroponic

    I had one of my coworkers a few years ago give me a handful of tepin pods, I popped a few in my mouth, and wham!   I've read they literally perk a person up after eating them. Anyone experience that?
  12. Devv

    Devv: Someday, I'll get this right, South Tejas Growing

    Thanks MF! Yes, making sauces, but later. For now we're freezing as the workload has been nuts. We have so many mason jars of powder now it's insane ;)     Thanks DR!  Will do, we're currently out of space and 12 quarts are on the counter..LOL   Today was another day picking, we went and...
  13. Devv

    Devv: Someday, I'll get this right, South Tejas Growing

    Thanks HM!
  14. Devv

    PaulG 2020

    Hopefully sunny days as the temps wane..
  15. Devv

    StettoGro 4: Spredner Tin 2020

    I think those 'Nardello's originally came from Tejas ;)   A great pepper for stir fry, think Pepper steak, Fajitas, and any other dish where a mild pepper adds flavor.   @Stetto: Hope those slackers git it in gear buddy...before it snows again! Try some Epsom salt, it never hurts ;)
  16. Devv

    SKULLBIKERS Roaring Into The Twenties GLOG

    Well said ;)   Those Jals crossed with something eh? My Zapotecs, 2 out of 3 turned to be crosses. I have some babies that just came up from 2018 seed which was true last year. Those will be isolated for seed stock. My cross went hotter, I'm interested in the F2 for grins...
  17. Devv

    Trippaul Threat (PdN x BMJ) Community Grow

    Just wait, they should go white. Mine currently on the plant are still yellowish after picking the whites..   Nice plants GPR!
  18. Devv

    Devv: Someday, I'll get this right, South Tejas Growing

    Thanks Paul! Best year since 2014? We are officially in give away mode ;)     Once bitten twice shy :shh: Hopefully you can hook a few into growing..   You should see today's haul, we're out of the 1 quart jars. We do have some 16oz though. I have an email out to the food bank. I picked 12...
  19. Devv

    Devv: Someday, I'll get this right, South Tejas Growing

    The really hot stuff I bring to the custodians at the school district I used to work for. 99% are from Mexico, great people, and they are know how to process the heat. It always irritated me that all the produce went to the Central Office or the campus offices. Me, being from a blue collar...
  20. Devv

    AHayastani's ГЛΟГ

    I like the attention you give to the cloning process. I see it as free plants ;)