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  1. pepperfever

    SFRB - $10.00 - One day only - Aug. 21st

    I tried to order but the sale wouldn't even load so I think that means it's a goner.  Darn!!
  2. pepperfever

    Give-away - Winner Announced

  3. pepperfever

    Old heads coming back

    I've been gone a while but I also tried to find Omri on my facebook list of friends.  I got nothing so he may not be on facebook now.  I'm concerned if he's ok.
  4. pepperfever

    off-topic Good Mornin' Thread - For those that get up really early and post

    Good morning, I'm doing ok, still recovering from the hip repair but getting there.  Only have a few peppers this year but next year should be better.
  5. pepperfever

    off-topic Good Mornin' Thread - For those that get up really early and post

    I haven't been here in ages, sure is nice to see a lot of old friends even if I'm late.  I was up early, just not here.
  6. pepperfever

    Tips for making a fruity hot sauce?

    If you use chocolate habs and want a chocolate looking sauce, smoke them.  If not smoked they will make red sauce.  Thanks to Butch T for that information and it works!
  7. pepperfever

    AJ's 2015 season prep

    I'm glad you're back.  The yard doesn't really look too bad considering you took some time off.  It shouldn't take a lot to get it back in shape.  What are your thoughts on what you are going to be growing? 
  8. pepperfever

    breeding How likely will peppers cross unassisted

    I have always grown peppers next to each other and no crosses that I am aware of.  First annums will cross with nearly everything but the other peppers are more fussy and some will only cross with their own kind.  If they are not blooming at the same time they won't cross.  There should be a...
  9. pepperfever

    cloning Cappy pruning and cloning 2014

    Welcome back Cappy!!  I'm back also, working my way back to wellness and growing peppers again.  The rain has been a bit much but now it has finally started to warm up.  I'm starting to see flowers on the peppers and tomatoes so it's all good.  Your peppers look great as always, very nice to see...
  10. pepperfever

    Anyone still growing the SB7J?

    Patrick, I didn't grow them this year due to remodelers in the house and health but will grow out the seeds I have from you for next year's crop.  I'd have to find the package to see when you sent them, I have several packs of seeds from you from a few years back.  I'll let you know how they do.
  11. pepperfever

    Silver_Surfer ?? MIA

    well I can't say why so many of the others aren't here so will just speak for myself.  Some of you know Charles passed last August.  Shortly after that I ended up in the hospital for a hip/pelvic repair.  Off to the nursing home for rehab, I finally got home mid-December.  My pepper crop had...
  12. pepperfever

    WTF Happen To Cappy!?

    Nope Jay, no drama at all!!!! :P
  13. pepperfever

    condiment Authentic South Texas Salsa

    comino is cumin
  14. pepperfever

    condiment Easy Salsa

    Input on cilantro: it sometimes gets nasty tasting if you put it in too soon or it cooks too much.  My choice is to leave it out when you are making the salsa and add some at serving time.
  15. pepperfever

    Dental Adhesives

    I'd  keep complaining to the dentist until they get your dentures to fit correctly.  I have had 2 sets of dentures since 1980  and never use anything to hold them in place.  After a while your gums will shrink and they will need to be relined but you should NOT need goop to hold them in place...
  16. pepperfever

    Love peace and peppers

    Thank you!!
  17. pepperfever

    Something to think about

    My son's Harley is sitting in my garage right now. Waiting out the cold weather for a warm day. He lives 13 miles away, knows the bike is safe here.
  18. pepperfever

    Happy Birthday Smokemaster!!

    Sorry so slow Mike, hope you had a great birthday!!!
  19. pepperfever

    Update on Charles

    Mri on the brain showed no cancer so that is a good thing. Dr told us that the cancer in his liver is not curable..chemo will buy us months not years. The chemo is a drastic one, he had to get a B12 shot a week before chemo plus take folic acid every day due to the toll the chemo meds will...