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  1. Josh

    Treasures from Panama

    It sounds like you had a nice trip and found some cool varieties. As far as embedding the images I am guessing that it has something to do with you having the images set to "License" or whatever that is. The only link available appears to take you to were the photo is posted on Flickr. I hope...
  2. Josh

    Have I got enough space for my babies?!

    One of my raised beds is 6'x6'. Last season I had 4 plants in it. They included 7 Pod Primo, Yellow 7 Pod, Choclate Bhut, and Bahamian Goat Pepper. Here is a picture of how they looked in September of 2011. This was after they had recovered from Hurricane Irene's wrath.
  3. Josh

    Spicy Chickens Cellar Grow Room Extreme Makeover Home Addition

    I run into this problem from time to time at work. Usually I am trying to run conduit outside for lighting. Anyway, I drill from both sides. It takes some careful measuring though. More importantly, be sure to hold the hammer drill or whatever you are using level otherwise you will have...
  4. Josh

    Will Pro-mix only work ?

    While I am not great at container gardening I second the Pro-mix and plant tone. The pro-mix may be a bit annoying to find but lowes and home depot usually carry plant tone.
  5. Josh

    Any warnings others use?

    I hear you. I do maintenance on really large warehouse buildings. One of which is the old Lionel trains building. The buildings are divided up into several sections and rented out by different companies. I wish I could put up a billboard that said I only have two bosses. If you have a...
  6. Josh

    Spicy Chickens Cellar Grow Room Extreme Makeover Home Addition

    I was thinking the same thing. That is going to be awesome SC. I have never worked with that spray insulation before. How is it? I always liked the idea but had concerns about future wiring issues. I guess it wouldn't really matter in this application though. You could always run BX...
  7. Josh

    All systems GrOw! with blonde's blessing!

    That's awesome man. Both on the grow equipment and your supportive wife.
  8. Josh

    indoor Indoor growing VS outdoor growing

    I prefer outside growing because I find it easier. The only problem with growing outside is that you do not have control of the weather. Normally it is not a problem but as Dulac pointed out big storms can be stressful. Sometimes one big storm can decimate your garden. You can control more...
  9. Josh

    Attaching images

    That is great to hear. We love pictures on this site so don't be shy.
  10. Josh

    Patricks 2012 Pepper Grow Log

    Very nice P. I hear you on the milestones. It seems like they take so long to grow until I get them outside.
  11. Josh

    Attaching images

    If you have any trouble feel free to message me. You can also practice in this or that thread.
  12. Josh

    Posting Pictures...

    Not a problem. I apologize for it being a bit outdated.
  13. Josh

    greenhouse green house

    Haha. I was thinking the same thing. I am very jealous.
  14. Josh

    seeds My first seedlings of 2012

    Yep. I find it pretty cool myself. For me, that is one of the most attractive aspects of growing from seed. Seeing them go from nothing to big plants loaded with pods. I hope you have a great season and keep us posted. We love pictures...
  15. Josh

    Longest chile competition

    I have some Joe's Long laying around I believe. That would work for me but I do like the idea of leaving it open. It would be nice to see someone come out of nowhere with a foot long Chocolate Bhut. Or at least I can dream haha.
  16. Josh

    Longest chile competition

    What variety did you have in mind?
  17. Josh

    wanted Looking for seeds

    Hey, If you are in no rush to get them I can make up a little care package for you. I have Jalapeno seeds and I believe Big Jim seeds (anaheim type). I don't have ancho or paprika so maybe someone else can help you there. If you're interested in some hotter stuff I can send some surprises...
  18. Josh

    overwintering My first growing pods of... well i guess its still winter ;P

    Well that's interesting. Are they outside in one of those geenhouse/tent things? Do you heat it or have you just been lucky in terms of your weather?
  19. Josh

    First hook of the year is...

    That is great to hear. I have never tried to sprout seeds from dehydrated pods because of the temperature concerns you mentioned. That is nice it worked out for you.
  20. Josh

    seeds Today's the day! Plugs or Seedling mix?

    I have used Burpee's expanding pellets which are usually sold at Home Depot. I have also recently tried the Extra Deep Jiffy Pellets and have had no problems. In the past I have used Pro-Mix BX to start my seeds but I am considering trying the Jiffy Pellets. They were a lot less work for me...