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    Bacterial Leaf Spot question

    My understanding is that there’s no real treatment for leaf spot once it sets hold. I had a single plant come down with it this year and ended up pulling it out because I didn’t want to risk spreading it to the rest of the garden.
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    Peppers wrinkling and getting soft on plant before ripening

      I wouldn't be so sure of that.  I've got an overwintered SRP plant that's exhibiting the same behavior as you're seeing this year.  Putting out a lot of fruit, but it's like the plant gives up on them before they get ripe.   Last year it took forever for the peppers to get ripe and it didn't...
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    pests Got bugs

    The active ingredient in the sticks you linked is imidacloprid. It also explicitly says not use it for fruits or vegetables, so this may not be the best option.
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    overwintering Tiny leaves tiny peppers on overwintered plants

      Hmm, that sounds plausible.  I've had some form of chili plant in the ground since I moved in here ~8 years ago and they typically survive 4-5 years before they don't make it through a winter.  I also wasn't really doing anything but watering them.  They'd always have the small, dense leaves...
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    overwintering Tiny leaves tiny peppers on overwintered plants

    Hey all,   I'm blessed with the weather of southern California, and 'overwintering' means I just don't have to worry about watering plants for a couple of months.  I started a bunch of plants in containers last year that did really well.  We had a really mild winter this year and the peppers...
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    Ending my long long lurk

    Hey all,   Been reading through the forums for quite awhile.  Had one or two pepper plants on the side of my house in Los Angeles for years.  Last year set up a bunch of plants in containers so I could grow enough to make hot sauce, which went pretty well.   Have some weirdness with the...