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    yield Topping your pepper plants

    Ok guys here's my Xmas update for my Bhut J. Sad to say the plant unfortunately lost some of those big side stems it had due to strong winds (they collapsed and broke off). But despite that, it's doing really well and fruiting nicely. got some really lovely looking Ghost peppers on the way and...
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    container Growing multiple plants in a single pot

    Can I grow multiple pepper plants in the same pot without them getting in each others way in terms of growth and production? I'm talking about peppers that are the same variety, not different varieties in the same pot. Have any of you done this with success before?
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    breeding Excited to learn from you guys - I tried my first cross-pollination.

    Looking good, If that pepper indeed has the heat of a trinidad scorpion that's going to be one hot mofo! Hope she ripens for you before the frost kicks in. Let us know how you go with it =P
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    greenhouse Should I have seedlings in a greenhouse while they're growing?

    Hey CaneDog, the daytime temps here in NSW are roughly 25 degrees- 30 degrees, so not super hot, night time temps are probably between 12-17 but the seedlings are inside and not exposed to any bad conditions, apart from maybe not getting enough light... i'm looking into getting just a cheap UV...
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    greenhouse Should I have seedlings in a greenhouse while they're growing?

    Hey guys, On top of growing my regular plants, I have a little side project happening. I've currently got some seedlings growing in these punnets. They're Santa Fe Grande pepper plants. They've germinated and sprouted nicely as you can see but they're growing really slowly... I don't have them...
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    yield Topping your pepper plants

    Ok so I know I said I was going to wait till Xmas for next update but here's update #3 now on my Ghost Pepper. Very healthy looking, stems are growing fast and it's got it's first lot of pods coming through. Weather over here in NSW is getting progressively warmer so when I DO post my Xmas...
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    yield Topping your pepper plants

    Just had a good look through that thread. very interesting stuff man.
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    yield Topping your pepper plants

    I think so too, I will post another update on it around Xmas time, should be really going hard by then =P
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    health Strange leaf coloring

    Yep, nothing to worry about, i'm currently growing a Black Prince plant and at least half a dozen leaves on it have this discoloration, the plants still growing fine.
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    health Strange white bubbles on my peppers

    My advice would be those leaves that are really ridden with that look of disease (Edema), just cut them off the plant and toss them out. that way it will promote new healthy leaves to come through.
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    yield Topping your pepper plants

    An update photo of my Ghost Pepper, compare the first picture I posted to this one =) Getting very bushy and lush. very happy with the result. The fertiliser I'm using is Powerfeed Pro Series. Not sure if it's available in the US, but it's readily available at most nurseries here in Aus. Best...
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    misc Trinidad Moruga Scorpion

    Hey guys, this is the first time I've ever grown this particular variety "Trinidad Moruga Scorpion" Just potted it this afternoon, I bought it because I thought the name sounded interesting and it's in the same kinda ball park as the Carolina Reaper in terms of heat level so though it'd be...
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    misc Hot peppers for beginner to grow

    When I was a beginner i just started out growing Jalapeno's. They proved to be very easy to grow and I had a really great success rate from the three plants I bought. got more then ample produce off them. These days I grow around 10 or so different varieties per growing season. I kind of started...
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    greenhouse will pepper plants still grow if its cloudy weather?

    Doesn't matter if it's cloudy, your plants are still soaking up UV rays from the sun, if it's cloudy they will get between 15% - 45% less. but truth be told, they are still getting what they need to be able to function and produce
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    sun How much sun is too much?

    It's nothing major to worry about if you've got leaves falling off, It's all part of the fun.... the leaves don't last forever. Over watering does seem to cause the leaves to turn yellow and die but remember when these dead leaves fall off it helps promote the new ones to come through. Same as...
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    misc My bhut jolokias are finally turning! …and a lone scorpion!

    I'm surprised that sauce didn't turn out as hot as you wanted especially putting a ghost pepper in there. Double up next time and use two =P That should get you there!
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    health Flowers falling from plants (carolina+habanero)

    I had the same problem with a trinidad scorpion i was growing last year. after doing a little research I found that overwatering was the issue.... The plant grew big and had tons of buds coming out but they kept all falling off, I found that once i'd cut watering back to two times a week the...
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    chinense Scorpion-ghost f-whatever sold as reaper?

    I'd say definitely mislabeled..... Those peppers don't even look remotely close to what a reaper should look like
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    yield Topping your pepper plants

    Thanks canedog. I'm in Aus so it's spring over here now (thank god).