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    disease "Salted" leaves

    No tent right now, it's just outside, but I'll keep an eye on the humidity going forward and bring it inside if it gets super muggy, thanks for the info :)
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    disease "Salted" leaves

    That'd explain why it seems to start along the veins too! Thank you so much, I didn't know over watering could look like this. I'll definitely try watering less frequently and see if that keeps the newer leaves bump-free.
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    disease "Salted" leaves

    I'm growing guntur chilis in an outdoor pot and they're doing well, but two months ago, one of the plants developed granular white bumps that look and feel very much like salt on its lower leaves. It still seems healthy, but recently the "salt" spread to its nearest neighbor, so I'm worried now...
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    Hey all!

    Long time chili lover, but new to gardening and looking for tips from all the experienced folks here.