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  1. orrevs

    Very hot green pepper help

    Is the pod really mature? Do you have any mature pods that are soft and green and seeds viable ( take few seeds from a pod and dry them for few days and plant them)? Then it is a evergreen most likely if they grow. But if pod is very hard its most likely not mature yet and will change color...
  2. orrevs

    health whats wrong with this plant

    I would suggest to first check the PH of the dirt and water after you added the nuts. If PH is wrong the plant cannot take up some of the nutrients which will cause deficiencies even if you use the correct amount nuts. You should also check the water quality how much PPM does the tap water...
  3. orrevs

    Canedog ‘Tis the Season Seasonal Seed Give-Away

    I would love to grow those Hamadan Red. I'm from Sweden normally no issues with postage.   Nice of you to offer this btw! Regards
  4. orrevs

    What are these?

    From there homepage    May Contain – This is what has been coming ripe for 2018 Carolina Reaper Red Carolina Reaper, Mustard X Carolina Reaper, Douglah X Carolina Reaper, Chocolate Ghost Pepper, Red Moruga Scorpion, Red Naga Monter, Red Thai, Large Red Thai, Small Red Thai, White Thai, Purple...
  5. orrevs

    What are you adding to next years grow?

    I will take some photos tommrow and send you.
  6. orrevs

    What are you adding to next years grow?

        How did the starfish x lemondrop turn out? I got similar cross this year Starfish x Aji Pinapple  Mine looks a litte like bishops crown.
  7. orrevs

    Save a broken branch?

    i have had some half broken ones i patch them up and they seems happy. Got this problem on my big jims when they get big and have no support.
  8. orrevs

    C. galapagonese sprout

    What if he just to lazy to login? And have no reson to login? Now he might have one!
  9. orrevs

    Pepper growing towards the sky!

    This is true and i know this but there are also strains called this, but there are some that are called Anchos as well like Ancho 101 etc.
  10. orrevs

    Pepper growing towards the sky!

    I would say it looks like Anchos. C.Annuum
  11. orrevs

    health Jalapeño Leaves full of yellow spots

    I had this exact issue (yellow spots) last year and it was spider mites in my case and no i did not see the whole plants covered in web just under the leafs. One out of 10 plants had visible webs but is was a tomato plant rest was hidden under leafs. So still worth checking it out takes just a...
  12. orrevs

    health Jalapeño Leaves full of yellow spots

    Did you check for Spider Mites i think its called? Very small white spiders check under the leafs.
  13. orrevs

    Launched CSA - Looking for advice

    Eggs! I know my mom love to buy eggs from farmers and the expire date is long to. This year i will try to get a few chickens there poo is good to use in the garden to :)
  14. orrevs

    seed-train European Seed train...

    I already have your adress i got it from Clint eastwood. It´s getting shipped tommrow tracking: LY844729320SE (i will clear my inbox as well did not know it was full).  Will update seedlist later tonight or tommrow. I do not have access to the things right now.
  15. orrevs

    seed-train European Seed train...

    Seems like Clint Eastwood wont be able to be with us this time. He just sent me message to send to next guy on list. Right in last minute i was just about to go to post office and post it to him.  So i will have to redo the shipping labels and stuff, which will take a day longer cause i really...
  16. orrevs

    seed-train European Seed train...

    I got the package but it was ripped open! And it was no note from customs.  I will try check everything tomorrow if its still there but package was really loaded so i believe its all there but will go over it tomorrow.
  17. orrevs

    Scolville home kit tester

    Why is the cost related to if you can use it in your home? It might be a bit expensive for everyone to have at there homes.  But still it enables you to test in your home and not in a lab or similar. A better title would be mobile SHU tester but that's not as good title for promotion. I...
  18. orrevs

    Noob Grows Peppers?

    Add some Baccatums to like "Hot Lemon" / "Lemon Drop" it have a really nice citrus flavor. And it's very easy to grow.
  19. orrevs

    Apparently not an Aji Lemon

    You clearly see this is Aji Pinapple, it have spikes! Anyway its same as Aji lemon drop (hot lemon) just some sale trick i guess.
  20. orrevs

    Funding idea for Chili Farms

    I thought kickstarters was to get help to expand or get founding for new ideas. This looks more like a sale thread? Or i'm i missing something.  If that's the case kickstarter kinda lost it purpose. Why would kickstarter allow this kind of "shit"? (ofcourse its good money for them)  But still...