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  1. Alphaeon

    Old heads!

    Lol Old ChileHeads don't die they just become compost!
  2. Alphaeon

    Old heads!

    Any of you old heads still around? Been awhile since I was here.
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      Heat is what you would expect from a 7 or Scorp just more of an overall mouth burn. Flavor is more mellow than a 7 which I find to be somewhat too flowery at times. Maybe because of all the rain it tastes so, but there are more pods to  come. Not impressed with the amount of pods but size is...
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    Thanks all!   Ate a small piece to see the heat and flavor. Then chopped the rest up, minus seeds , and mixed it into ground beef and made 6 meatballs.
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      One a few things that are going on this year...  Yellow 7 Pod x Yellow Scorpion F1        
  6. Alphaeon

    Justaguy's 2013 Garden Season

     I have a few plants that look like that too! WAAAAAYYYYY TOOOO MUCH RAIN this year man!   10.11 inches as of Fri. is a new record and 3x normal rainfall for June.
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    Guru's 2013

    Rich, that is absolutely OUTSTANDING!   Growing tomatoes in the 25 gallon grow bags this year and 10s for the peppers... maybe next year I will have to try some peppers in the 25s.
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    Worm Compost Help?

    Excellent CM! Ever try cardboard? The glue is a good protein source... eggcrates are another source of unrefined cardboard and any egg droppings are a bonus! Feed my African nightcrawlers mostly manure with a black peat bedding and the casting are outstanding!
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    Worm Compost Help?

    Spraying with worm tea will help the plants stay healthy... there is a ton of anecdotal evidence along with numerous studies to back it up. Adding worm castings to your soil at a rate of 10-15% also works wonders. However, vermicompost-worm castings- teas are only as good as what goes in to the...
  11. Alphaeon

    THP PC builders Unite!!!

    That is a factory overclock frequency, not standard(1600,1333,1066)
  12. Alphaeon

    THP PC builders Unite!!!

    Can`t get a pic with the cam of the Hydro70 system, but here is a screen shot from the H50 system undervolted :onfire:
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    THP PC builders Unite!!!

    NP... understand the anticipation also :party: Big boxes are slowly becoming a niche product now a days. But how about 95k a year to build them?!?
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    THP PC builders Unite!!!

    Watercooling also allows for a quieter computer... got into watercooling myself because of overclocking back in the P2 days. After building many systems Corsair came out with the Hydro 50 and I was sold!!! Been out of the loop of what is what of late... last build was XMas 2 years ago. Will try...
  15. Alphaeon

    THP PC builders Unite!!!

    Nice build with tons of storage. I once paid more for 13G drive than you are paying for a 3T... ;) Did you look at the Corsair Hydro coolers?
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    harvesting Harvested my first worm castings

    Worms will eat 1/2 their weight each day... Maybe the conditions aren`t favorable to the worms... red wigglers are prolific, in 4 months your population should have doubled
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    Happy birthday Justaguy

    Happy B-Day brother :onfire:
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    3 Nights, 3 Sauces

    Always watched but never commented on your threads... now you have me wanting to ferment :onfire: Any particular reason for the sundried tomatoes?
  19. Alphaeon

    indoor worm bin critter, dangerous indoors?

    You can use DE(diatomeous earth) to rid your bin of pests. It will not hurt your worms, will add grit which they need and a few minerals. Use sparingly, like 1/4 tsp. Not sure what your describing, first thought was mite or springtails, but when you said "move a like centipede" it through me...