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    This might be a good read for the plant breeders in here...

    This might be a good read for the plant breeders in here:
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    AHayastani's ГЛΟГ

    A wild stab, but I think your mystery freakshow plant may be something in in the Coral Plant family.   Check out Jatropha multifida and let me know if that tracks. 
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    AHayastani's ГЛΟГ

      Looks a lot like "Freakshow" to me. Let's hope I'm wrong haha. Got a photo of the full plant?
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    Peppers on the move 2020

    Oh man, it's been a while.   As much as I love growing plants, trying to nurse 150+ plants through the winter was not a wise move. I think next time I will just wait to start seeds like everyone else. Fruits have been few and far between but I blame my growing conditions. Everyone was well and...
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    seed-train The annual Mega Seed Train 2020/2021

    Sorry for the delay. I was able to get the package yesterday. Already on the way.
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    seed-train The annual Mega Seed Train 2020/2021

    Looks like it has finally touched down, not delivered yet but in the right place. I have class today and therefore will need to pick up tomorrow. I will go through it and send it out tomorrow with tracking. 
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    seed-train The annual Mega Seed Train 2020/2021

    Looks like it hasn't moved in a few days. I'll keep my ear to the ground but still nothing to report.
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    seed-train The annual Mega Seed Train 2020/2021

    Looks like we still have some delays on A Train; delivery is expected for late tonight it seems. I will likely be able to hit the post on Wednesday and will turn it around the same day. Just wanted to keep everyone in the loop.
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    seed-train The annual Mega Seed Train 2020/2021

    Sounds good! My ability to hit the post is limited but I’ll do my best to do another quick turn around once it arrives.
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    Growing Mushrooms

    Wow I'm sorry I didn't get back to you sooner - must have missed the notification. Unfortunately I don't have much experience with Laccaria. Most of my mycorrhizal work was with ericaceous plants (blueberry, cranberry, wintergreen, huckleberry, rhododendron, etc.) and it wasn't endemic to the...
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    seed-train The annual Mega Seed Train 2020/2021

    I too have planted everything I'm going to run this season but I would still like to be involved if possible. If someone needs my contact info just shoot me a PM.    Thank you to everyone who participated this year and the years prior. Big thanks to Jeff for organizing! I was able to snag a...
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    Variegated Jalapeno Grow Log

    I have an unusual question for you guys. What have you observed about the root systems of plants that express high levels of variegation? I’m noticing with my Purple Tiger and Purple Cacho that high levels of variegation are corresponding to weaker root systems. Originally I thought it was that...
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    TBI recovery grow log

      So for whatever reason, I have the same problem when uploading from my iPhone. Whenever I upload to the forum, it rotates the image. Oddly enough, if I go to the picture in my phone, rotate it once, save it, and then rotate it back, it will upload fine. While it is a bit of a pita to do, it is...
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    Wild, Indeed, Community Thread

    I am strapped for space this season but I would definitely be interested in helping out for the future grows. With the industry focusing on the latest and greatest hybrid or the new hottest pepper, I agree that many of the lesser known varieties are at serious risk of either being lost or bred...
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    seed-train The annual Mega Seed Train 2020/2021

    Just as a side note, I'm not sure what is different about the AB graphic but I can actually see this one. Can't see what's after it but the red and white AB is good!   And Jeff just so it has been said out loud, I appreciate you posting the image every so often for us visually/technologically...
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    White Flys

    Well I hate to say it but you guys are right, these white flies are ruthless. Most of the plants (including weeds) in the neighborhood are still loaded with them. I was hoping a good hard frost would take care of them but instead, much to my surprise, they have somehow found a way in through a...
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    fertilizer to the sustainable growers....who fertilizes with their urine?

    I think the trend is catching on. If you need a last minute gift idea these are flying off the shelves.
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    Not to derail your whole thread here, but if you want to cheat a little bit, the only part of the plant that actually seems to care about the humidity is the pitchers themselves. You can cut the top off a water bottle, cut a small notch in the side for the petiole, lightly pack some damp long...
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      Biggest things that will help it right now are either distilled or RO water, as much light as you can give it, and higher humidity. This may seem like an exaggeration, "How on earth could they need reverse osmosis or distilled water... seriously?" but they do come from extremely nutrient poor...
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    Also, inquiring minds want to know, what variety of Nepenthes do you have hiding over there?