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  1. Mr. Moruga

    off-topic Who was that one YouTuber?

    That's crazy. Well, at least I know I'm not losing my mind and the guy existed lol. Must be something intense he did in order to get kicked off YouTube though, now I'm curious lol.
  2. Mr. Moruga

    off-topic Who was that one YouTuber?

    That's him!! What happened?!
  3. Mr. Moruga

    off-topic Who was that one YouTuber?

    Negative, though I do remember Neil! And Nigel. I remember this guy being a pretty successful YouTuber. Surprised that his videos don't pop right up when searching for POD reviews and stuff like that. It's making me wonder if there's some I'm crazy story of him leaving YouTube or something lol...
  4. Mr. Moruga

    off-topic Who was that one YouTuber?

    Negative ūüė© I think he used those typical YouTube thumbnails, started reviewing hot sauces and stuff in addition to pods. I'm not sure if he was a grower or not. Dang this is driving me crazy!
  5. Mr. Moruga

    off-topic Who was that one YouTuber?

    I think I'm losing it! There was a YouTuber I remember back in the day who did pod reviews, sometimes 2 at a time. I believe he is from Washington, remember someone doing an article on him. It's driving me crazy, I remember him being a pretty well known YouTuber but he doesn't even show up when...
  6. Mr. Moruga

    pests What pests are these?

    Are these aphids? Used to seeing them in green
  7. Mr. Moruga

    shopping Buying seeds

    Thank you all for the recommendations! Trying not to go overboard this year and take on more than I'm ready for, but these sites have some great varieties, some I've been wanting to try for a while like 7 pot burgundy. Oh jeez I feel that pepper fever coming on again  :party:
  8. Mr. Moruga

    shopping Buying seeds

    After a lengthy pepper hiatus I'd like to grow a variety of strains this year. I used to order the majority of my seeds through Judy's site but many of the strains I want are currently unavailable. Can anyone recommend me worthy sites to buy from? Would be greatly appreciated :)
  9. Mr. Moruga

    why does the hot peppers taste like sex?

    Why do you think they call it bhut jolokia?
  10. Mr. Moruga

    seeds Some seeds to pass along

    I'll trade you devil's brain for devil's horn!
  11. Mr. Moruga

    Vine weevil beetle maggots?

    Never had many problems with pests (besides a brief aphid invasion), but this year I noticed a healthy plant of mine hasn't bounced back. I haven't been taking the best care of it due to work and the birth of my son, and I'm feeling pretty guilty at the moment. I had a strong bond with this...
  12. Mr. Moruga

    A pepper tree

    Definitely have the space part worked out, just focusing on choosing the right strain! Thank you for the replies. I think I'm going with Naga, I see different strains of it but I guess just "Naga morich" unless you guys recommend a different type. Is Judy still active? That's where I'm planning...
  13. Mr. Moruga

    A pepper tree

    I am looking for a productive strain similar to Nigel. I've never grown a Naga before, and with the various strains developed, I am beginning to find myself lost. Please help me discover a productive pepper plant (doesn't have to be Naga)!
  14. Mr. Moruga

    Sowing Seeds!

    Recently extended my interests/garden and ordered a collection of vegetable seeds. I see that people sow these seeds differently, and I am worried I may not be doing things right! I sowed these the way I do peppers, by planting one in each cup. However, I see people plant multiple seeds in a...
  15. Mr. Moruga

    wanted Looking for seeds

      Traded for some earlier this week, but thanks anyway!       Awesome!! Looks like i'll be checking these out. Didn't even know this company existed!
  16. Mr. Moruga

    wanted Looking for seeds

        PM sent!
  17. Mr. Moruga

    wanted Looking for seeds

    Been wanting to grow these varieties for a while, but unfortunately PepperLover has been out of stock or doesn't carry.   Looking for:   7 Pot Burgundy Orange Habanero Aji Umba MOA Scotch Bonnet Jay's Peach Ghost Scorpion Red Savina   Available for trade:   Orange 7 Pot Red Moruga Scorpion...
  18. Mr. Moruga

    free Free Seeds - hundreds of possibilities

    This is exciting. I will PM you. The anticipation  :drunk:
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    Really? What is your business there, if you don't mind me asking? I had an offer to move there...

    Really? What is your business there, if you don't mind me asking? I had an offer to move there for a while, but I was scared D: