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  1. madhatter

    Hello From Georgia

    Welcome from Ontario, Canada 👋
  2. madhatter

    Greetings from Denmark

  3. madhatter

    Hi Everybody!

    Welcome!! Some nice pepper porn there
  4. madhatter

    contest 👻Who GroO the SpOokiest Pod? October 2021

    Bhut jolokia with his mouth open. Give you nightmares!!!!
  5. madhatter

    Pepper People are the Best

    I totally agree with that talas 👍
  6. madhatter

    contest Gnarliest Pod! September 2021

    Maybe not meanest but pretty gnarly
  7. madhatter

    Glad to be back

    Thank you so much. Phew!!
  8. madhatter

    Glad to be back

    Hi all. It’s been 10 years and happy I’m back. Couldn’t reactivate my old Madhatter account but just wanted to give a shout out to y’all. Cheers!!!
  9. madhatter

    New Member From Sunny Arizona

    Welcome :dance: 
  10. madhatter

    BeagleStorm vs 2011 - My Chile Grow Log

    Beautiful Michael! nice pod shots. Nice to see all your work paying off after the slow start and those horn worm attacks. Dont know which one is my favorite. They all look great!
  11. madhatter

    Yaotzin's Grow progress 2011

    Things are looking great Yaotzin. Nice the see the scorps and douglah's doing great. How many plants did you grow this year? her majesty would be proud ;)
  12. madhatter

    Madhatter's 2011 garden

    Thanks dude. The Choc Scorps are awesome and crazy hot. :mouthonfire: I havent tried them yet. Perhaps this weekend or next with Ballzworth if he's up to it. Pic, The Butch T x Douglah is insane heat. Cant wait to see how they look in the F2 stage. Thanks Ballz. Nice to have a fellow...
  13. madhatter

    Madhatter's 2011 garden

    Wouter. Yeah both are awesome. my favorites of the year. Also loved pepperlover's red bhut and the T.S morouga yellow. Thanks Meatfreak. The devils tongue white is very productive. Havent tried the heat yet but i hear they are not as hot as the yellow one. Oscar, Thanks bro..The chocolate...
  14. madhatter

    Hurrican Irene Pepper Carnage. (Not for the faint of heart)

    They are going to be just fine dude. Good luck :)
  15. madhatter

    wanted looking for some superhots

    Joe i can help you out with the Malaysian Goronong. got lots of those that where isolated.
  16. madhatter

    Madhatter's 2011 garden

    Yellow 7 large. Maybe a bit larger than the original but not as wrinkly Original Trinidad Scorpion producing Barrackpore x 7 Pot brain strain on top of some Roma Tomato. These get quite large Some douglah with some Butch T x Douglah f1
  17. madhatter

    Madhatter's 2011 garden

    Some ripening Trinidad scorpion morouga yellow Red savina Devils Tongue White from JR Trinidad Bush Peppers
  18. madhatter

    Madhatter's 2011 garden

    More 7 pot primo Ripe ones.. Yellow 7 Yellow Bhut