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  1. Lietuvis

    Experiment: What happens if you do absolutely nothing at all

    Nice experiment, Powelly. As for other ideas, colonizing city with peppers, yeah, i agree, that it should be not so hot, that majority of people could eat it. And again, if its unknown pepper, it would likely get more attention, but less eaters, so maybe cayenne isnt so bad idea after all.
  2. Lietuvis

    wanted Seeking White Pods

    Also offtopic, but you may want to edit your first post, since you misspelled your email.
  3. Lietuvis

    Hello to everyone from Estonia

    Welcome from Lithuania.  
  4. Lietuvis

    Russian / Central Asian peppers?

    Russia has breeded some of the varieties of sweet pepper. Not sure if they have something of their own in hot peppers department. They(ant post sovietic countries) have quite some varieties, which names doesnt match up with english names.
  5. Lietuvis

    Giveaway - closed

    Nice idea with binaries :) 00001101
  6. Lietuvis

    fermenting chilies for fermenting sauce.

    Nice color. So what did you ended up using? Frozen or dried?
  7. Lietuvis

    drying first time dehydrating and making powder

      But its so time consuming. I tried it, but went easy way - with coffee grinder. And I didn't had as much peppers as most of growers here.
  8. Lietuvis

    Kuban Hot Peppers Glog 2016

    Welcome from Lithuania and good luck growing. When I saw, that you are from Russia, I thought, someone in similar climate as I am, but later in the sentence I see, that you are in Southern part of Russia. So you should be fine.
  9. Lietuvis

    First glog

    What temperature is on your radiator? Here, where I live, my radiator is too hot, to put seeds like that.
  10. Lietuvis

    Why waste capsaicin?

    To me, like to most, this thread doesn't look very serious. So OP don't be offended by us. To accomplish your idea, you need good chemical engineer , good funding and market plan, where to use recycled capsaicin.     He should aim to make pepper spray - then you can list among the good sides-...
  11. Lietuvis

    Hej from Sweden!

    Hello and welcome from Lithuania. People who has greenhouses - achieves nice results from peppers here in Lithuania.
  12. Lietuvis

    Hello from Lithuania

    Yes, Lithuania has nice nature. "War and Peace" will be shown on one of our TV channel, but will take time to dub in our language. I know one person, who was one of the extras for 2 days, when they were filming mass scene. Anyway, it isn't first time, when you can see Lithuania in movies. One of...
  13. Lietuvis

    New to growing peppers

    Hello and welcome FullersFire, I would suggest to read growing hot peppers guide (Big Kahuna linked it in 3rd post). There is alot of useful information. About the quantity of peat pellets, it all depends how much plants you want to grow. But remember, not all seeds will germinate, so you will...
  14. Lietuvis

    indoor Growing Bhut Jolokia Indoor and succesfully setting fruit

    Nice bushy plant you got there in that 3 litres pot. What size the plant is? 60-70 cm?  How many plants you had in one tent? As for your remark about best time to pollinate flowers, i think that depends on your lighting schedule. Or is your LED lamps always on?
  15. Lietuvis

    Newbie from Nordeast Minneapolis

    Hello and welcome :)
  16. Lietuvis

    Help me choose which of the following peppers to grow 2016

    I see, thanks for your effort. Maybe its even better this way, that pepper will stay mystic with intriguing name.
  17. Lietuvis

    This pepper needs a name

    Hello,  I few years ago I bought a pepper plant, and would like your help to ID it.  All I know - its something from Chinense, since it has that strong aroma. Heat similar to Habaneros, but a bit earlier than Habanero. Pods begin with green and turns dark before ripening (yellow). Pod shape and...
  18. Lietuvis

    seeds Savung seeds from small fruits

    Nice to hear that. Since i have limited space, and wanted to regrow few varieties in small pots for seed saving. Those varieties either didn't grow well for me, or I liked others better, but... you never know, so want to save those too :)
  19. Lietuvis

    seeds Savung seeds from small fruits

    Was wondering if fruit of plant size has influence for future plants/pods. Like if  saving seeds from small plant you will have trouble to get big healthy plant in the future.
  20. Lietuvis

    When to transplant from Solo Cup

    How are you loosening roots? Put it in water or just carefully take apart?