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    fermenting Can you ferment thawed peppers?

    No problem freezing peppers for ferment, I use frozen all the time. Freezing does not kill yeast or lacto, it goes dormant.
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    fermenting Hot pepper fermentation seems to have stopped 10 days into fermentation

    Hopefully there is a hole in your airlock cap... Different brines have different personalities, they can even stop (visually) fermenting and start up again. I have 3 mash ferments going, 2 of them took about 5 days go really get going and the other took almost 3 weeks, but now is bubbling away...
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    fermenting Advice on fermented sauce.

    I have 2 ferments going right now. The gallon for hot sauce and the quart that I will drain the liquid off to put in hot sauce and dehydrate and grind the pulp for fermented pepper dust. The dust is outstanding and gives an excellent flavor boost. Both ferments are heavily influenced by...
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    Hey All~

    Now it's working! Thanks guys!
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    Hey All~

    For some reason I cannot get to forum page after I logged in. The only post I can get to is this one... Any ideas? Hit home and it goes to this page.
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    Hey All~

    Apparently I need to introduce myself to get access. Pepperhead from Wisconsin, I was on this site a long time ago but wasn't active so got deleted I guess.