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  1. DiddleDatil

    wine Muscadine Wine?

    So, I found a BUNCH of muscadine vines growing on my inlaws back property in the woods. Im from up north so Im totally unfamiliar with this wild grape variety. Anyone with experience willing to lend me some knowledge? Is it worth the effort to make some wine? Or should I just turn them into jelly!!
  2. DiddleDatil

    Buckets or grow bags?

    In my personal opinion there is just no contest. Cloth bags all day long. Im in Florida- BECAUSE of the humidity, cloth bags enable my roots to breathe much better than buckets or pots.
  3. DiddleDatil

    Pod growth and ripening question s

    Temp is the biggest factor in ripening! Sometimes it feels like your waiting for years though.
  4. DiddleDatil

    When do you like to transplant?

    My methods go against everything you hear and read, but I see fantastic germination rates, and I feel strongly that I wont do it any other way! I sew seeds 20-50 per 2inch cell. This means I have to transplant much sooner, but the seedlings seem much hardier and happier this way. They go from...
  5. DiddleDatil

    Selling Datil Plants+Seeds

    We have an excess of Datil plants! Were selling them on eBay and Etsy. Keep an eye out for fresh Reapers, Bhut, Yellow7 Brains, Fatalis, and more in June! Right now we have over 500 plants that need good food and soil, so your purchase of plants and seeds will help us get there! Find us on...
  6. DiddleDatil

    Burnt roots with double cup method

    Ive never tried the double cup method, so maybe Im speaking from lack of experience - but I DO know that when roots sense either light, or air, or both, they self prune. Your picture in my opinion looks like the plant is doing just that. Maybe because of the clear cup? Maybe because the root is...
  7. DiddleDatil

    health Leaf tips becoming brown and brown/black spots on the underside

    For gentle fertilizer check out Its my favorite resource for quality natural plant food.
  8. DiddleDatil

    ok . .so about these hot ones. what do I do?

    I just bottled a batch of sauce - 4 jalapeños, 5 datils, 2 fatalis, 1 Yellow 7 brain. I did a lacto ferment and the end result is about as hot as biting into a fatali. So hot enough for my husband and I to enjoy it, and maybe considered extra spicy to anyone else who eats it.
  9. DiddleDatil

    fermenting Fermenting in Kilner Sterilock Jars

    Also - as you can see in this picture of my (half ass) fermentation - the brine will become cloudy. Thats a sign of fermentation. Along with a tangy, but not putrid, scent.
  10. DiddleDatil

    fermenting Fermenting in Kilner Sterilock Jars

    Quick thought! What type of water did you use for your brine? I use non-chlorinated water which is also absent of any fluoride. In my fermentation experience, Ive found this to be ultra important!
  11. DiddleDatil

    fermenting D3 Ferment attempts

    Lol good point! I guess its still in the 80s here in Fl! I can just open the blinds in an east facing room and close the AC vent and my Kombucha/fermented sauces have the perfect temp. Seed mats work perfectly too.
  12. DiddleDatil

    AJs 2018 Grow Log

    I am one to believe that Reapers are more of a novelty pepper. Definitely not as flavorful as the 7 pots (which actually remind me quite a lot of a Datil). I say that as my husband and I literally just started germinating a dozen Reaper seeds..... so whos really to say. As for the seeds - we...
  13. DiddleDatil

    AJs 2018 Grow Log

       AJ- what are you growing for 2018? Idaho- I grew up in Boise! Your grow season is short. Are you just starting the plants indoors and moving them outside for the hot summer?
  14. DiddleDatil

    fermenting D3 Ferment attempts

    Unwashed pepper stems have naturally occurring bacteria ( you can actually start a yogurt culture from chili stems). You might want to leave an unwashed stem or two in there for the fermentation. You CAN use a tablespoon or more of apple cider vinegar raw but keep in mind that it will naturally...
  15. DiddleDatil

    E-cigs in the grow room... Propylene Glycol and Gycerin. No Fruit

    Is there possibly a difference in your outdoor water vs indoor water? I know there is for me!
  16. DiddleDatil

    Datils in November

    I just have to brag about how awesome it is that living in Florida means you can grow hot peppers outdoors all year long. These are my Datils today. After a battle with white flies last month ( I won), these beauties are loaded and ready for ripening, and setting a new tier of very healthy buds...
  17. DiddleDatil

    seeds Starting Seeds - how I do it

    I agree with everything except the bit about using harsh chemicals. Human cells react negatively to harsh chemicals.... so its obvious that plants cells would too! Keep tools clean but definitely dont use chemicals.
  18. DiddleDatil

    Very Short Habanero, Many Buds?

    Also - yes I would for sure remove the buds
  19. DiddleDatil

    Very Short Habanero, Many Buds?

    Maybe you want to try metal halide or fluorescent lights for your vegitative phase. Perhaps the LED is triggering a premature bloom?
  20. DiddleDatil

    Young leaves on Jalapeno plant getting curly

    To me it actually looks like some kind of nutrient deficiency...... if there is no visible pest, you may want to consider what kind of fertilizer you are using, and maybe a liquid vitamin as well.