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  1. GA Growhead

    PaulG 2017

    She be all ight. ;D
  2. GA Growhead

    Happy Birthday GA Growhead

    Thanks everyone! Still doing my thing!
  3. GA Growhead

    Standbyandfire Glog Video & Pic's 2016

    The candle light mutant looks like the desert pepper. Ever see that one? Thin leaves to keep water loss at a minimum in the desert climate. Pretty cool.
  4. GA Growhead

    Happy Birthday Romy6

    Happy birthday brotha! :Bday:
  5. GA Growhead

    BBG7 X PDN

    Nope. Crossing two F2s still makes a F3. This coming from the chilipepper institute and other documents i have read on the subject. If you have two like F2s, crossing can narrow down traits, by multiplying common traits. You are not adding any additional genes when doing so. Both plants still...
  6. GA Growhead

    BBG7 X PDN

    awesome! I knew red was dominant, but not purple. Thanks for that info! That's in line with my results, so makes sense. I made a few crosses last year with F1s, with purple leaves, crossed to non purple plants, a few of them also being F1s, and those have given me both green and purple plants. I...
  7. GA Growhead

    ATL 2016 Grow, 12 Varieties

    Hey! Plants are looking great. I live on the north side of the city. I have started way to many plants and will have some extras if you would like a few. Mostly supers to habs, and a couple baccatums. Talk to me if your interested. I can't wait to get the plants outside. I'm going for it in 9...
  8. GA Growhead

    BBG7 X PDN

    Thanks! That's some cool info. The PDN crosses I have made, have all used PDN pollen. The purple has been dominant in all the F1s. Hopefully I can find the picts of your crosses, if you post them here. Would love to check them out. Sounds like this is going to be a fun year with crosses.
  9. GA Growhead

    BBG7 X PDN

    Thanks Tony. Would love to see what you get from Ford's. Wondering if there will be similar plants. I used my original F4 bbg7 that I still have, hoping to get expressions weeded out from further generation of the bbg7. It is very bbg7 dominant, passing the calyx, in all the crosses I have made...
  10. GA Growhead

    BBG7 X PDN

    I have two plants making the peach pods. Going to cross the two, for a peach F3. Love the dark caylx against the peach.
  11. GA Growhead

    Super Hot Pepper Stickers

    Thanks brotha! You were part of the early release program. Hit me with a PM and we can work something out.
  12. GA Growhead

    BBG7 X PDN

    I have only picked the peach one cut open. It tasted much like other peach pods i have grown, citrus/fruity, but had a very strong chinense flavor. Smell was overpowering chinense with slight fruitiness too. Heat was mid to upper hab level. More of a stinging burn than a warmth/heat burn. I...
  13. GA Growhead

    BBG7 X PDN

    That is pretty much the reason. The PDNs are rare in the fact that they remain purple in unripe and ripe stage. This is an interesting trait. I actually believe they ripen to white, but keep the purple color from the abundance of anthocyanin they produce. They appear clear/white on the inside...
  14. GA Growhead

    BBG7 X PDN

    The peach pod, two up.
  15. GA Growhead

    Super Hot Pepper Stickers

    So... I made some stickers for myself. Made a bunch. Die cut vinyl with UV laminate, to protect from the sun and elements. Both about 2" tall. $3 (USD) for both shipped worldwide. This was my intention. They have been on the truck since the new year...
  16. GA Growhead

    BBG7 X PDN

    I thought I would update this with some of the F2 pods. I started every seed out of the first pod, 68 seeds I think. Ended up with 66 plants. Culled off all the green stemmed plants (which I wish I wouldn't have done after seeing what these have produced), which left me with 37 purple plants. I...
  17. GA Growhead

    Sawyer '16 - Memorial Day update

    Impressive year John!
  18. GA Growhead

    Meatfreak's 2016 GloG

    It's a purple jalabanero cross. I grew out ten f3s last year and only two plants kept that trait. Hoping for a high percentage this year with F4s.
  19. GA Growhead

    Ordering Seeds?

    All of mine had a very similar taste to a baccatum. Sweet and crunchy. Nothing like a red or yellow bonnet, but still tasty!