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    health Progress So Far

    advice for a better bloom fert? high nitrogen just nukes most flowers now.
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    health Progress So Far

    what is eating me?
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    tutorial Growing Hot Peppers Guide + FAQ

    Is it easier to just grow in container and then over winter?
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    lighting Desk Lamp Grow Light

    There has to be some older TS600s for cheap out there.
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    water Peppers in final pots taking a long term to need water

    I would let them be so they don't get edema. Once they wilt water again. I am waiting for mine to wilt the ones that made it outdoors.
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    health Progress So Far

    Moved some outdoors. mostly jalapeno? close together to capture the sun.. Qnybody ever supplement with a light in greenhouse aswell? Outdoor lamp? Hoping this repotting helps. Also moved and mixed some HP with vegetable and herb mix.
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    health Progress So Far

    Root bound? ferts too high in N? losing alot of flowers. only fertilizing v maybe once every two weeks. A few kind of died regrew.. high Temps etc.. Magnesium? Calcium?
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    health Whats the purpose of leaves on my pepper plants? Should I snip them off? Sounds like a dumb question but im new to this. Pics*

    Just let them drop naturally. Pick one to prune the bottom leaves (if they touch the soil). I don't have shears here so it is all natural right now.
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    lighting New To Grow Lights

    Mars TS-600 works well it is the cheapest Chinese build look at 1000w and you can grow a ton I bet.
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    issue Unknown issue, need some advice!

    How close are the lights? what temperature and RH? What kind of soil? Fert? Water? They look pretty green and healthy to me. Maybe it is just slow.
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    health Progress So Far

    a flower puked pollen. I hope those will bloom to fruit too! hopefully a nice fert drink soon.
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    seeds Going bigger for 2022

    Wow. What is in the greenhouse? any lights heating right now?
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    overwintering How Soon Can I put My Overwintered Plants Out?

    When there is no risk of frost? I think I read somewhere 13C-15C nightly and they will be good.
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    seeds New grower from seed needs help

    sounds good. maybe rotate the trays try and get them as much light as possible 16 on 8 off for me.
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    Two Word Turd

    Russian craps.
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    seeds New grower from seed needs help

    they will stretch with low light I think. shouldn't be a big deal if you can keep them going til you can harden and movem out. my light and how early I started is already producing fruit.
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    seeds New grower from seed needs help

    get good light. how long til you can put them out?
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    health Progress So Far

    Babies. Pushhhhhhh.
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    health Progress So Far

    Calcium? light too low? too hot? lack of water or overwater? Root Bound?
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    health Progress So Far

    Looks ok. better temps now higher light.