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  1. Sorny

    artwork Getting a logo designed

    I have been looking at some sites that allow you to bid out a job and you get a bunch of different logos to choose from. I have not used it yet but it is an interesting idea.
  2. Sorny

    pests Aphids!

    My plants from last have been invaded by aphids and flies. They showed up shortly after planting my next crop. I have been trying to blast them with soap water but so far do not seem to be affecting them. I want to avoid getting chemicals if possible. Does anybody have any tricks on getting rid...
  3. Sorny

    Hello from Minnesota!

    :welcome: From Chaska, MN
  4. Sorny

    Greetings: newbie from TX

    :welcome: from Minnesota
  5. Sorny

    Hello from Cabarete, Dominican Republic

    My wife and I are going to Punta Cana in a couple weeks. Any advice on where to go and what to do?
  6. Sorny

    seeds Dehydrating Seeds

    Justaguy - that would be great! How many seeds do you have? I was also looking at your web site and find the Tongue Wrapper an interesting mix that I would like to try. I will buy a bottle of that and the seeds. Let me know how much and how you receive payments. Thanks
  7. Sorny

    seeds Dehydrating Seeds

    I tried the seeds anyways and I am not getting any to germinate, so I think they are dead. Does anybody have some Bhut Jolokia seeds they would be interested in selling me?
  8. Sorny

    G'day from Sydney

    :welcome: from Minnesota
  9. Sorny

    Peppers not getting fully developed

    They are in 2-3 gallon pots. That is kind of what I thought. I just wanted to keep them alive over the winter and plant them in the ground in spring, but I thought as long as they are producing peppers it would be nice if they were normal size.
  10. Sorny

    Peppers not getting fully developed

    I have eight bhut jokolia pepper plants in pots. They are producing many peppers but they are all very small when they turn red (not orange). I am guessing it has something to do with either not enough sun or not enough heat. They are constantly blooming and making peppers but like I said just...
  11. Sorny

    seeds Dehydrating Seeds

    That is what I was afraid of, I have an old dehydrator and it gets pretty warm. Live and learn I guess.
  12. Sorny

    Greetings from Minnesota

    Dude, what does the rest of that fish look like? Where do you fish for Muskies in the metro? I just moved to Chaska this fall from Moorhead and do a bit of walleye fishing. I have never hunted muskies.
  13. Sorny

    seeds Dehydrating Seeds

    I have been splitting my peppers and dehydrating them as they ripen. I then want to take use the seeds for next batch. Has anybody had any issues with dhydrating the seeds?
  14. Sorny

    Greetings from Minnesota

    I started growing peppers at work a few years ago in the window sill. The reason was basically to play pranks on my workmates. Nothing is funnier then watching somebody eat a gummi worm with a hot pepper piece stick in it. Anyways I have been growing more and more each year and now just grow...