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    Does anyone here know if there such thing as a "chocolate scorpion"?

      Hi from Flamin Devil Chillies in Tasmania Australia! That does not look like the Chocolate Scorpion from Hippy Seed Company that I grow.   These are a rounder shape, ridiculously hot, very fruity & tasty. They were also WAY hotter & better tasting than the Reapers I grew   Cheers, Regan
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    Green peppers

    I grow 7 Pot Green that has pods that stay darkish olive green when fully ripe. Typical yum 7 pot fruity flavor too!
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    Flamin Devil Chillies Tasmania, Australia

     2019 – 2020 Grow List Super-Hots Big Black Mama                                           Big Red Mama Big Yellow Mama   Bhut Jolokia Red Bhut Jolokia Yellow Bhut Jolokia Peach Bhut Orange Copenhagen Arse Clown Jolokia Jays Ghost Red Brazilian Ghost Chocalate Naga Brain Dorset Naga Naga...
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    Hot-Super hot powder

    Hi, I am from Tasmania, Australia & have a business called Flamin Devil chillies. Each year I grow a number of super-hot chillies that I dry & make some pure & violently hot powders flakes & grinder mixes. The current stock from last seasons grow consists of 23 different super-hots in the...
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    Created My First Super Hot Strain, Help Me Name It :)

    Looks tasty   Ghostanero Red   Cheers from Regan Flamin Devil Chillies Tasmania Australia
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    What kind of bug/insect is this?

    Hey Nick I reckon those mongrels are a type of stink bug. Could well be marmorated stink bug of some sort. See link   I had some sort of these in the young nymph stage on tomatoes & chillies over the last two...
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    Flamin Devil Chilli Products

    Hi Just thought I would post a link to my website.   I am a keen grower from Tasmania, Australia. Each year I grow a variety of super-hot chillies that I dry and use to make a number of products. The plants are grown using no chemicals & the products contain no...
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    soil Soil mix question

    G,day from Flamin Devil chillies in Tasmania Australia.   I grow super hot chillies in Tassie and have a fairly short growing season . My plants are grown in 300mm pots & my mix is; 80% premium potting mix with added slow release fertilizer 10% compost 5% Perlite 5 % Vermiculite   This gives...
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    Flamin Devil

    Hi, just thought I would introduce myself. I am a passionate Chilli (pepper) grower from Tasmania, Australia. Each year, I grow a selection of super-hot Chillies in my two poly tunnels. We have a relatively short growing season & I am growing numerous varieties to determine how they perform...