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  1. gthordarson

    misc What defines a bad pepper

    In the plant, lack of vigor, susceptibility to disease. In the fruit, I've had some chiles with a very unpleasant burn. TepinĀ  x lemon drop seeds I grew out yielded a fruit that went straight to my stomach with no flavor or burn in the mouth. Can you say a chile is objectively bad? Probably not...
  2. gthordarson

    flavor What's the most umami pepper you've tasted?

    I've found the turkish bell pepperlover had as Mersin to be the same way, though also quite sweet. Many dried mexican chiles have great savory qualities, I keep Ancho in the pantry as a staple.
  3. gthordarson

    Curing vs dehydrating your home grown peppers

    Might be interesting to compare keeping qualities longer-term with these two batches side by side.
  4. gthordarson

    Lemon Drop and Aji Omnicolor names

    I've seen some conflicting information that seems to be from people confusing limo, limon, and lemon, which is why I thought to ask around here.
  5. gthordarson

    Lemon Drop and Aji Omnicolor names

    I was wondering about the local names for these two peppers, whether Spanish, Quecha or whatever. A brief search turned up that Lemon Drop might also be known as Qellu Uchu, but that might also just be people mixing up aji limo. I'm assuming that both varieties came from somewhere English isn't...
  6. gthordarson

    seeds First time growing, worried about seedlings' health

    Hey all, I've started some chilis growing and have noticed some odd stuff going on. Since I'm not sure what to make of it or what it means, I thought I'd try here for some answers. Background info: I am living in coastal Los Angeles county zone 11b, most of these seedlings were started in the...
  7. gthordarson


    Just making my obligatory post here so I can pick your collective brains in the growing section. Looking forward to joining the community and growing some chilis.