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    Hello from Middle East

    Welcome to the Forums
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    need advice on how to Prune my chillipepper

    The final result  
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    Wanted: Transition Team

    I know in too new / inexperienced on this site with too few posts, real life gets in the way of such things. and therefore i will not apply. However i love the idea of seeing new and updated functionalities. Cant wait to see what is to come  :)
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    need advice on how to Prune my chillipepper

    i believe its a Trinidad Moruga scorpion, its either that or the Bhut jolokia in the winter its inside under normal led room lights, however in the summer i keep it outside and it gets loads of sunlight i would ideally like to make it grow a taller and bit more bushy. the pods can wait till...
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    need advice on how to Prune my chillipepper

    hey guys. First of all i would like to say its good to be back.   my chili is currently inside due to seasonal snow. last growing season i started much to late and this one didn't form any pods :(   since i live in a fairly small apartment i would like to prune the plant a little and would love...
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    Hi from Dallas

    Welcome to the Forums 
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    favorite Favorite fresh-eating pepper?

    i really like Bird's eye chili  however don't really notice the hear anymore,   i have started eating the Trinidad scorpion moruga in small pieces and really enjoying it 
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    Excited new member here!

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    Hey guys - Found this site googling thick pepper stems. Got what I was looking for - more in post

    Welcome,  i also joined recently but already feel at home here 
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    off-topic Good Mornin' Thread - For those that get up really early and post

    Evening everyone,   usually wake up early (around 4:30 / 5 am) but slept in today 6 am    very happy to see all my plants have recoved after the wilting process they went through due to the high temps 32 °C  / 89.6 °F  realy though i was going to loose atleast one decided to hang up an old bed...
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    [Jul 30] What are you working on this week?

    Going to Start my first hydroponics tower build this wekend.  so i will be Gathering materials    :) i hope for best...   will post pictures once Complete  My only Concern is the supports to make sure it does not fall over
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    New guy!

    This is definitely true... i hace a tiny balcony where 2 people can barely stand side by side & i have 12 small plants and im still looking to place more, the only downside is that i can no longer use my balcony
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    New guy!

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    pests Bug identification

    Initially I though that too. However nothing happens when i kill / harras them. Like there is no smell. But thanks for the answer though & i was hoping for the best.   in that case i will go mix a quick solution to hopefully get rid of them 
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    pests Bug identification

    Hey guys i need your help identifying the following bug,  its only on one of my chill plants which i think is odd, they dont seem to give of a bad smell when i poke them or move / remove them if its a threat how would i best get rid of it and prevent it from spreading. (sorry for the low quality)  
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    Hi From South Florida

    Welcome to the forums
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    Hi from Florida

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    DIY tower garden

    Hey rlslmshdy,   thanks for providing the type of design you are looking for. after doing some research online i came across the following picture which seems like an interesting concept with a but of lateral thinking im sure this can be scale able.    keep in mind this is not something i have...
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    DIY tower garden

    Do you happen to have an example of one you Like,  so someone here might be able to come up with a simple design. i took a quick look online and it looks fairly simple to build one