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    Why are my Habaneros so small?

    Thanks for the responses.  All good info.  I'll look for a non-water-soluble fertilizer (one that is not overdosed on nitrogen).  And I may move the plants back to the backyard where they will get more sun and more consistent watering   That's true.  There were a BUNCH of pods on the plant this...
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    Why are my Habaneros so small?

    The first big harvest off my habanero plant was decent.  Nice big healthy pods.  The last harvest (yesterday) was not that great.  Lots of pods - probably the most I've taken off a single plant at a time.  But most of them were tiny.  1" long or less.  I've been looking in this forum for answers...
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    tutorial Fermenting Peppers 101

    I see a few comments from home brewers in this thread, and a few people mentioned using brewers yeast as a starter for fermenting peppers.  I would like to know which strain of brewers yeast people may have tried.   Also... since we're talking about lacto fermentation, I was wondering if anyone...
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    SuperHots at the Local Grocery

    I see orange habs at the local Winn Dixie all the time, but would never expect to see something like this.  Maybe at a Fresh Market or Whole Foods - or some place that carries a wider variety of produce.
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    seeds Saving seeds after pods have been in the fridge?

    A friend recently told me she had a few bags of ghost peppers in her fridge.  One of her clients brought them to her at work earlier this week, and she she would give me a few.  Would it be possible to save seeds out of pods that have been in the fridge for a few days?  Does temperature of the...
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    Mulato isleno

    Nice.  I started a variety of seeds about a month ago.  My mulato islenos were the first to sprout and are now the biggest.  I had trouble getting the super-hots (naga vipers, bhuts and Butch T's) to germinate, but they came up eventually.
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    Neem oil and pollen... and a couple other questions

    I have been spraying neem oil on my cayenne and habanero plants all summer and it hasn't stopped or hindered them producing.   Also, if you're looking for organic ways to prevent aphids, plant some marigolds between your pepper plants.  Aphids do not dig marigolds.
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    I got sprouts!!!

    I know the feeling. Most of mine sprouted a week ago. But my bhut jolokias took a while. Planted 4 seeds. 2 broke the surface today
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    Help, 5 -6 plants died

      If the plants are big enough, you can try to take some cuttings and root them.  Its a step backward... but better than starting over.  I've never tried to root cuttings from pepper plants before, but according to other posts here, its possible.
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    grasshopper plague

    We have something called "lubber grasshoppers" down here in south Georgia.  They are huge, they're everywhere, and they eat everything. I was spraying neem oil on my entire garden at least once a week, earlier in the summer.  That seemed to keep them away.  But with all the heavy rain we've...
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    How can it be?

    In my experience, the worst thing you can do to a well-cared-for nursery plant is send it to a hardware store.  Plants that arrive at my local hardware store are healthy.  After a few days of extensive over-watering and poor care, they're wilted and dying.  I only buy plants when they're fresh...
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    What type of Ghost Pepper is this?

    There are different types of bhut jolokias?  I thought there was just one.  How much do they vary?  And how can you tell them apart?  I just ordered some bhut jolokia seeds from pepperjoe.  The website didn't specify what kind I was getting.
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    Something made holes in my peppers

    I agree.  Looks like birds.  They look as if they've been pecked into, rather than chewed by a bug.   We put up mylar streamers and pinwheels (like you would use for a kids birthday party) in the organic garden to repel birds.  Anything shiny that moves in the wind and/or makes noise should do...
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    What's worse than finding a worm in an apple?...

    I'm having the same problem in my plot at the local organic community garden.  I've done everything I can do - neem oil, DME, baking soda, organicide... Nothing seems to stop them completely.  
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    Fatali Gourmet Jigsaw

    I'm really new to all the superhot stuff.  Just ordered my seeds a month ago.  And I'm already tired of the "hottest in the world" pissing contest.
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    seeds Starting seeds mid-summer for indoor containers?

      Not a grow log... but excited enough to share.  I started these on 7/23.  As of this morning the mulato islenos, takanotsumes, vipers, and 1 scorpion have broken the surface.  No signs of life from the ghost peppers or cayennes yet.  I'm still having some trouble with mold on my jiffy...
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    wine Wine from Grape juice

    It can be done.  Maybe not as easy as dumping yeast into a bucket of juice though.  I would advise removing some of the juice and replacing it with sugar (to up your original gravity).  Regular white table sugar would work... but corn sugar would dissolve faster and ferment a tad cleaner.  Then...
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    wine Jalapeno Wine recipe

    Forgive me if this is a repeat.  I'm a home brewer first and foremost... but every once in a while I play with some fruit wine recipes.  Just stumbled across this one.  I wonder how it would turn out if I substituted some habaneros or something hotter in place of the jalapenos ? :)  ...
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    Hot Foot

    Asheville Brewing Company in North Carolina has been making a pepper beer for a while now.  They call it the Fire Escape.  Its the same recipe as their "Escape Artist" Extra Pale Ale, but with Jalapenos in the secondary fermentation.  I've had several.  Its very good...
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    beer Beer Brewing 101

    Ha.  Its a little more complicated than that.  But a good example of why I gave up bottling and went to kegs :)