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  1. Pr0digal_son

    Wild, Indeed, Community Thread

    I could give you some jargon that is purely anecdotal about letting seeds dry out alittle,turning off heat at night,etc. I have had things germinate when doing these,but when a seed has been sown for 100+ days,it's bound to germinate and it's why I would suggest you just be patient. The most...
  2. Pr0digal_son

    Wild, Indeed, Community Thread

    Questo è molto comune tra italiani e brasiliani,no? Clayton 8-10 and you are certainly at 3-4 accounts? I do not want to do a disservice to the Italian language. I know very little. Bring back leo-c and we can chat in english. To address your question,the variant of C.geminifolium found in...
  3. Pr0digal_son

    contest Growdown Throwdown 2023

    Now this is a growdown. See who can get the highest yield in one of these plugs.
  4. Pr0digal_son

    favorite What's the tallest pepper variety you know of? 🌶

    Going way back :halo: F@#% that plant.If only there were more than 120 days of outside growing here. Literature says 15m in it's native region. Got to 25-30' up a sugar maple before microburst season hit. To address the OP.... there are C.baccatums that have a very tall habit if you can...
  5. Pr0digal_son

    thoroughburro 2023, kith and kitchen

    @thoroughburro To address your tag about CAP 691...they are not deciduous. All is not lost though,the anther color is something to take interest in.:drooling:
  6. Pr0digal_son

    Rocoto growth pattern

    @Ratatouille Thanks for the information. It does appear to be slow and seeing as another just popped,it could be the seeds were not of the highest quality. A small podded C.pubescens should be as far along as the others you posted with the habit obviously being different. From my limited...
  7. Pr0digal_son

    Wild, Indeed, Community Thread

    If this is C.rabenii then I would give it more than a couple days.Anything under 45 days I don't sweat at all.
  8. Pr0digal_son

    misc Fallacy or fact?

    100% fiction. Tell her to find her 3rd grade science book and read about photosynthesis. Plants make sugars from the CO2,water,and lighting we give them. The hydro fertilizer grifters love these people.
  9. Pr0digal_son

    Rocoto growth pattern

    I have never noticed them being slow growers. The fruits take a long time to mature and ripen but structurally I feel they are pretty aggressive. They seem to do exceptionally well under t8 and t5 flourescent lighting. Depending on what you mean by the end of January,this plant could be 2...
  10. Pr0digal_son

    contest Growdown Throwdown 2023

    Easy now...I've seen lesser comments get people nominated for the Hitler Of The Month Club.
  11. Pr0digal_son

    breeding Impotence in Capsicum?

    chacoense x annuum
  12. Pr0digal_son

    contest Growdown Throwdown 2023

    What's the genesis of this pepper? Any info on the parents or process? Reading about the sugar rush stripey on gives me the impression of deceit and bullshit. Further breeding program here and further breeding program there...yadda yadda. Sounds good to anyone below a rudimentary...
  13. Pr0digal_son

    Wild, Indeed, Community Thread

    Mate,any plant that I post publicly will be identified as accurately as the information is that the botany crowd gives us. No fake names,old names or posts for status or deceit. See,your english is much better than you give yourself credit for. It was quite good with the various names you used...
  14. Pr0digal_son

    breeding Impotence in Capsicum?

    Yes,stamens without pollen. I am familiar with this happening with hybrids between C.chacoence and C.annuum. There are some that are well documented on other forums and if I get a chance,can share photos of mine. Sorry, I can't help out with the history of your hybrid or am I able to keep up...
  15. Pr0digal_son

    Wild, Indeed, Community Thread

    I am not familiar with this one. CAP 1478 is a common C.rabenii. Could the numbers be mixed?
  16. Pr0digal_son

    Canedog Offseason Season 2022/23

    Do you feel this is diagnostic of all frutescens or this one? The only domesticated species that I have grown that stay green are frutescens,but not all of them. And,as close as they can appear,who is to say those didnt have any annuum genetics in them. There are very small handful of wilds...
  17. Pr0digal_son

    contest Growdown Throwdown 2022

    How about we throw a bunch of money at the honest Brazilian vendors and do a rare selvagem. Call it "Gringo Growdown". Whoever actually germinates a seed wins.
  18. Pr0digal_son

    misc Seed Train?

    Running trains is a good way to get mixed seeds and diseases.:surprised: Since the instant gratification/what have you done for me lately explosion in this hobby/industry has come about,there is very little consideration taken when people trade or pump seeds into these trains. A growing...
  19. Pr0digal_son

    plant C. eximium with white/green flowers

    There are many populations of white flowered C.eximium in Bolivia. And many of them are floating around gardening circles today.