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  1. MeatHead1313

    Which pepper

    Definitely not a chinense.
  2. MeatHead1313

    Tomato Horn Worms :-(

    Get a uv flashlight and check the plants at night. Hornworms glow under the uv making them much easier to find and dispose of.
  3. MeatHead1313

    Please help

  4. MeatHead1313

    windchicken 2018

    Looking awesome as always Gary! Looks like another big year for you.
  5. MeatHead1313

    pests Aphids

    Ladybugs, ladybug larvae and lacewing larvae are my aphid killing crew, and all turn up in my yard naturally as soon as the weather warms up. Aphid wasps are also great if you can attract them, or can be purchased online.
  6. MeatHead1313

    Catterpillars. How to Exterminate???

    If it's definitely caterpillars, dipel dust or thuricide spray are good options. Both contain the same Bt bacteria that only affects caterpillars.
  7. MeatHead1313

    Pepper you're most looking forward to trying

    Aji jobito, Ecuadorian sweet rocoto, criolla de cocina and bhut orange Copenhagen x aji pineapple.
  8. MeatHead1313

    please help me to identify peppers on the picts

    Top-fatalii? Bottom looks like a ghost.
  9. MeatHead1313

    chinense Best Red Chinense Variety?

    Another vote for SAFI red here too. One of my absolute favourite red pods. Congo red is another good one, and has an aroma that'll fill up the whole house.
  10. MeatHead1313

    Lucky Dog K-9 Cube Growers Blend Soil $26.58

    Possibly. All depends what works out to be the cheapest. Need to save money for the baby stuff we'll need. That said, I loved the Berger mix as well. Drained extremely well which was awesome considering how wet it was here last summer.
  11. MeatHead1313

    Lucky Dog K-9 Cube Growers Blend Soil $26.58

    All Seasons in Lafayette. They must have only just recently started carrying Fox Farms as they didn't have it a couple of months ago.
  12. MeatHead1313

    Lucky Dog K-9 Cube Growers Blend Soil $26.58

    I haven't seen any Fox Farms products at my local Walmarts before, but I know the local nursery I frequent started carrying it so may have to check it out. Just in time for seed starting too.
  13. MeatHead1313

    Pepper X Count Down

    IIRC it was supposed to have been at the start of the month. From what I've read after pepper x was leaked it won't get anything from Guinness.
  14. MeatHead1313

    Anyone Grow Bonda Mahala?

    I've been growing them for a few years now after being introduced to them by windchicken. An absolute must grow for me. Flavour is amazing, heat is generally not too bad. Most years for me have seen them closer to bonda ma Jacques heat than 7 pot level (although both myself and Gary found them...
  15. MeatHead1313

    Most flavorful peppers?

    Red and chocolate nagabrains are ridiculous, but the yellows aren't too bad. Much lower heat than the others.
  16. MeatHead1313

    pests Pest ID?

  17. MeatHead1313

    free Free Pods!!!

  18. MeatHead1313

    Out of nowhere, Tomato Hornworms

    I learned that trick a couple years ago and it's easily the best way for me to deal with them. A quick stroll around the garden at night with a pair of scissors and the blacklight and they don't have a chance.
  19. MeatHead1313

    Help me ID "Scotch Bonnet"

    Definitely not a bonnet, though I'm not sure exactly what it is. Looks to be an annuum variety, so not even the same species as bonnets. Looks similar to the Bonnie plants "lunchbox orange" my wife wanted me to grow for her this year.