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  1. harry

    Worm-shaped pepper

    Having a look at the results of a search of for Gusano (had to leave out Aribibi from the keywords due to the listing being Aribibbi Gusano) I noticed Murupi is described as simillar. Searching for Murupi yielded a result of Murupi Amarela on Found a result of Aribibi...
  2. harry

    annuum The Jalapeno List

    If you change /shop/ to /shop_en/ you will see the Jalapeno search results in English: In this case the results in German and English contain the same items.
  3. harry

    chinense Which Habanero Is The "Best"?

    I have grown and tasted Bhut Jolokia Chocolate, Habanero Chocolate, Jamaican Hot Chocolate and Trinidad Scorpion Chocolate. Most of the ripe fruits had a bitterness that I only sensed as I swallowed them. The growing season here is long enough that left on the plant long enough they lose the...
  4. harry

    Trippa and the better late then never New Zealand Summer

    Did the Ecuadorian sweet Rocoto end up producing milder fruit than the other Rocoto?
  5. harry

    Trippa and the better late then never New Zealand Summer

    Did the Rocoto plants make it through the winter?
  6. harry

    Orange Rocoto

    I have a variety here that at times has a greyish look to it due to the density of the hairs and anthocyanin on the stems of fresh growth. There's a photo taken in poor light of one of the plants from a past season in an old thread of mine. The fruit seems to be a similar deeper shade of orange...
  7. harry

    Orange Rocoto

    How does this particular orange Rocoto rank in terms of hairiness of the stems compared to the other C. pubescens that you have grown?
  8. harry

    My Current Setup

    I have this one as Capsicum chinense Limón. Through the months it is one of more dependable Capsicum chinense varieties.   Did you manage to over winter the Rocoto plant? I had fruit ripening on various plants throughout winter.
  9. harry

    Hot Perfume ???

    A similar issue with heat was mentioned in the thread Want a C.chinense with zero heat???.  Smokemaster's post mentions heat of the seasoning peppers being dependent on the source of the seeds.   A number of years ago I had some plants of a heatless variety throw out the odd very hot fruit. The...
  10. harry

    Trippa and the better late then never New Zealand Summer

    Have you compared the heat of two by eating a ripe fruit from the Ecuadorian Sweet Rocoto and the Costa Rican Red Rocoto that ripened over the same period of time? Perhaps by eating one with lunch and then the other with dinner?
  11. harry

    Trippa and the better late then never New Zealand Summer

    Harvesting some of the ripe fruit may reduce the strain on the plants and give them a better chance. I have some late flushes on various C. pubescens that only started ripening this past week too. There's a bit of a race against the rain that sometimes results in split fruit. Is the Ecuadorian...
  12. harry

    Trippa and the better late then never New Zealand Summer

    Did you have any luck with the Ecuadorian Sweet Rocoto fruit in June or July?
  13. harry

    Trippa and the better late then never New Zealand Summer

    I will be interested to know how the Ecuadorian Sweet Rocoto fruit is heat wise compared to another Rocoto. Has the temperature remained warm enough for them to fully mature and ripen ?
  14. harry

    Not 7 pot yellow

    Post a photo of the cross section of the fruit. The one pictures does resemble my the fruits on my plant that failed to fully develop on struggling plants. Judging by the calyx size compared to the fruit size it looks like a runt.
  15. harry

    Rocoto tips browning/wilting

    Did the problem begin after the spike in temperature in Sydney? The temperature spike to about 30 °C last Tuesday may have damaged the new growth on your plant. I had a similar problem affect a Sukanya Rocoto plant when the temperature spiked by about 7 °C. The initial damage was to the new...
  16. harry

    vendor Trade Winds Fruit

    I wouldn't be too disappointed if my original attempt (from a different vendor) to grow a Scotch Bonnet turned out like your plant. The plant pictured in your previous post is a strongly branched Capsicum chinense specimen. How was the taste of the fresh fruit?
  17. harry

    vendor Trade Winds Fruit

    Do you have photos of your orange scotch bonnet? The photo on their site still shows a C. annuum.
  18. harry

    pics Lets see your meanest, most gnarly pods!!!

    Yellow 7s Half of fruit of my largest plant have fat tails from corolla constriction.
  19. harry

    Anyone dislike these? CARDI, Bonda Ma Jacques, Madam Jeanette, Bahamian Goat Pepper

    Bahamian Goat Pepper is on my permanent grow list. How something tastes however can be influenced by growth conditions. The last Bahamian Goat Pepper fruit I tasted was bitter due to the conditions. I had trouble this season getting super hots here to produce fruit without bitterness towards...
  20. harry

    favorite Wild Varieties-What is your favorite

    If you enter "Wild Brazil" into the forum search box while viewing this thread then you'll see it was mentioned a number of times in this thread. I don't know of a way to link to the search query. Here's a quote of a post by Nigel that has grown it: