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    breeding Crossing Peppers and the genetics of getting to "stabilization"

    Is this the handwritten / hand drawn picture you were referring to?
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    sinensis grow log 2019 (with tomato grafting!)

    Found this Glog when looking up some grafting info. Very nice!   What is the update on all the plants? I find this stuff so interesting!
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    2019 - The Farm

    Just caught up on a couple of week's worth of posts... I'm green with envy (not as green as your plants though!)   Keep it up Trent! I hope you can get the temperature under control in the new greenhouse without too much effort. Good luck man
  4. HydroPepper

    Hello from Durban South Africa

    Welcome to the funny farm Royce   Glad you found this lekker place eventually. You will love it here!  The glogs here are very informative so enjoy the endless hours of reading to further enhance your knowledge.   Enjoy your stay!!   (From Jhb)
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    Hi from Edmonton alberta

    Hello Welcome to the funny farm Enjoy your stay!! 
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    Hi from Cape Town

    Welcome from Jozi You can also check for lots of seed varieties
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    wine Wine experiment

    Sounds interesting! Look forward to hearing the outcome down the line
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    pics Harvest

    Next harvest Trinidad Scorpion Sunrise Red Bhut Jolokia Yellow Trinidad Scorpion 7Pot Bubblegum
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    Welcome Enjoy your stay
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    Welcome Enjoy your stay
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    Hello from Georgia

    Welcome Enjoy your stay
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    pics Harvest

    Last couple of harvests All hydroponic and one plant of each variety: Red Bhut Jolokia Chocolate Habanero Trinidad Scorpion Sunrise (oh my word these are hot!) Yellow Trinidad Scorpion
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    contest Growdown Throwdown 2019 Sri Lanka - Chilli Red!

      Well I am still waiting for my seeds to arrive down here in South Africa . They were posted by Guru in Dec but our lovely post office is SOOOOO rubbish that it is sitting somewhere between the main distribution hub and my local post office. So I guess you are all way ahead of me and I'm...
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    Hello all!

    Welcome to the funny farm! Enjoy your stay!
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    Hello from Dallas

    Welcome to the funny farm! Enjoy your stay!
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    2019 - The Farm

    Also a good point Perhaps a piece of folded newspaper / similar between the heating pad and seed tray but only covering the middle of the heating pad may even out the temps a bit?
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    2019 - The Farm

      Just a thought - could you not put a weight on top of the domes to make it cave in slightly so all the moisture on the dome "roof" will drip back into middle and side walls will still drip down the sides?
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    New guy from Mill Creek, WA

    Welcome to the funny farm Good luck with your first grow this summer
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    hybrid Has anyone seen / done this cross before?

    Thanks chaps I looked through D3monics awesome stuff but I dont see anything heading in this direction - so I guess I will start with this. Bought some organza bags today to isolate the flowers that I cross. Just need to wait for new flowers to pop up so my manual pollination is the first...
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    hybrid Has anyone seen / done this cross before?

    A mate of mine gave me a fresh Trinidad Scorpion Sunrise and a 7 Pot Bubblegum pod - so I took out the seeds and now Im growing those plants this year. When I showed him my (still green) pods from the Trinidad Scorpion Sunrise he said it may have been accidentally crossed with his Reaper...