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  1. Cadis

    P. Dreadie Memorial Group Grow 2016

    Here is a pic of 2pods with a size reference. I grow them in a self-made ebb and flow system, lights are 3 COBs. Nutrition is MaxiGro / MaxiBloom. The plants itself look beautiful.
  2. Cadis

    P. Dreadie Memorial Group Grow 2016

    Are these P. Dreadie pods? I bought the seeds from a forum member, however something might have gone wrong here... They look weird and are less spicy than a Jalapeno. They do have a Chinese flavour. I tasted 4 pods, they all were seedless, might be an issue as well...
  3. Cadis


    I love rocotos, so I"m always curious about new varieties. They really look nice!
  4. Cadis

    P. Dreadie Memorial Group Grow 2016

    This story really impressed me. The pods are amazing, too!   Does anyone has some seeds to share left? I don't have many varieties to swap cause i just moved here (but i do have some heirloom tomato seeds if someone is interested). And of course SSAE or dollars would also be possible :)...
  5. Cadis

    Trippaul Threat (PdN x BMJ) Community Grow

    The cross is very interesting! You got some nice looking plants and pots as well! How hot are they?
  6. Cadis

    Acronym List

    CAP are the ascension numbers of the German "Leibniz Institute of Plant Genetics and Crop Plant Research (IPK)". I don't know the German Research Centre for Biotechnology and whether there are connetions to the IPK.   and there are some more: CO ### should be Asian...
  7. Cadis

    How many people here are from/growing in New England?

    Just moved here, New Haven CT. But I am not native. So this will be my first season in New England... we will see how it turns out :)
  8. Cadis

    Essegi 2017: at bare minimum

    You planted the rocotos directly into the soil. Did you plant some in pots as well? How are your experiences? Thanks!
  9. Cadis

    First log, Will follow with weekly updates

    You can cross a annuum with a chinense, but not a baccatum with a pubescens. See this table:
  10. Cadis

    TheGreenChileMonster's 2017 GLOG

      This is kind of wicked :hell:. But one should be humble, right? ... ;)   Btw, I like your C. pubescens focus, you have really nice plants!
  11. Cadis

    First log, Will follow with weekly updates

    wow, u have a nice chili school! do they behave?
  12. Cadis

    Hello from CT

      ... in Germany.   Don't want to get in conflict with the US customs authorities.
  13. Cadis

    Hello from CT

      Well, I mainly grew C. pubescens and C. baccatum (love them both !) varieties and some C. chinense.  I don't like the typical C. annuum flavor and I also think that C. annuum plants are quite boring. So I didn't grow them munch, despite some "basic" stuff like Jalapenos. I moved to the New...
  14. Cadis

    Hello from CT

      Well, I left the seeds in a moving box, they are waiting for my return and are now part of a long lasting germination capacity experiment ;)   Thx for the info on the possibility to import small quantities of seed!
  15. Cadis

    pubescens So thats why they're called pubescens

    Aren't they beautiful, those hairy beasts? I love Rocotos!
  16. Cadis

    Hello from CT

    Hi all!   I j'm Jo and just moved to CT (from Germany). I've been growing Hot Peppers since several years now. My absolute favourites are of course the capsicum pubescens plants! Due to the relocation, i was seeding my peppers for this year not until february. So I'm not sure, that i will get...