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  1. Anders

    SineNomine 2022

    So nice space you got there! Love the pictures
  2. Anders

    chinense Is there a favored Mexican orange habanero?

    It changes daily, but some of my favorites eaten fresh are Oxkutzcabian Orange, Sugar Rush Peach / Peppapeach, different scotch bonnets, Cumari do Para, Fatalii, Bhut Jolokia White, Yellow Naga (Drax) and many others I love sweet/tropical/fruity c.chinense without any chemical/bitterness. All...
  3. Anders

    chinense Is there a favored Mexican orange habanero?

    In the last few years, I have grown around 100+ varieties every season, searching for the best flavors. And for me, the Oxkutzcabian Orange is in my top 10 list :). Absolutely fantastic flavor, that sort of reminds me more of sugar rush peach than an orange habanero. And a very productive plant...
  4. Anders

    breeding Impotence in Capsicum?

    I haven't seen anything quite like this, but I have experienced sterile plants before. This season I had a fantastic Carboruga Yellow plant, that just grew MASSIVE. Perfect looking plant, FULL of flowers, but not a single fruit ever took. I tried everything with this plant, but in the end I...
  5. Anders

    baccatum Soapy Baccatum Taste

    Its interesting that so many of you describe the baccatum flavor as soapy. Im not a big fan of baccatums, because to me they taste "grassy". I wonder if that is the same flavor you are talking about, but experienced differently by my tastebuds. SRP / Peppapeach and Aji fantasy white are the...
  6. Anders

    baccatum Soapy Baccatum Taste

    This is the strangest statement ever! Im not a big fan of the flavor of baccatum, but god damn the sugar rush peach (and peppapeach) is an exception. Probably one of the best tasting peppers out there if you ask me! I haven't even thought of drying them, since they taste so good fresh
  7. Anders

    misc Earliest hot peppers?

    I once read that when breeding plants for cold climates, you could sometimes use plants that have adopted to a very hot climate. That the genes are not specific to either hot or cold, but are good genes for coping with "extreme" temperatures in general. In my experience small/dwarf annuum...
  8. Anders

    cloning Which branches for rooting cuttings?

    I would definitely go for green new branches! There are two different approaches that I use for clones. One is to take a lot of clones and just put in a cup of water. Usually a few will make roots. (Im guessing 1/4 or something, but there are probably lots of factors) The other approach is to...
  9. Anders

    Norwegian Kratky Grow 2022

    Here are my two first crosses ever <3 To the left early c.annuum x aji mochero To the right: early c.annuum x scotch bonnet
  10. Anders

    Norwegian Kratky Grow 2022

    Hi Forestman, I have never measured the PPM. I have found peppers to be very forgiving, and seems to thrive with both half and double the recommended dose of nutrients. I usually start with half and work my way up to the recommended dose, and then maybe go above when the plant is big and full...
  11. Anders

    hybrid Pimenta Moranga Peach Cross... parents?

    Ah Pimenta Moranga! I had totally forgotten about that variety. That was one of the first plants I ever grew (!) a really beautiful plant. I got the seeds from Jes in Denmark about 10 years ago. Jes is also the guy behind the Pimenta Moranga Peach cross (or so it says on )...
  12. Anders

    disease "Salted" leaves

    It definitely looks like edema! I often struggle with it in my grow tent. Air circulation and lower humidity help a lot
  13. Anders

    Norwegian Kratky Grow 2022

    Here is a little update on my breeding project. Already some flowers developing:
  14. Anders

    chinense Best Scotch Bonnet??

    They taste very lemon citrusy, and tropical with some scotch bonnet funk in the background. Personally, I think a MOA is better overall, but the Lemon Starrburs is the best lemon / citrusy pepper I have tasted. It's wonderful with fish and in alcohol drink etc.
  15. Anders

    ChilliCrosser Crosses

    I love following your projects here on the forum!
  16. Anders

    I am a pepper genomic researcher

    Very interesting! You will find some people here that have a lot of knowledge about wild peppers, and I would also recommend: Wild Capsicum Community
  17. Anders

    seeds Extremely old (80 years?) seed germination question

    VERY interesting project! I'm following this one, and wish you all the best of luck. I hope you keep us updated! I'm sorry I can't give you any good advice since I'm way out of my depths here.
  18. Anders

    I am a pepper genomic researcher

    That's very interesting! Welcome onboard
  19. Anders

    chinense Reaper X (from Semillas La Palma) ?

    My plant is getting HUGE! I will upload some pictures soon. I finally found some information about it on the Semilla La Palma website: "We first thought it may be a hybrid and named it Reaper X. Meanwhile we see that the variety is stable from the beginning, so most probably a mutant. (Equis =...
  20. Anders

    harvesting Orange Thai: Colour Progression to Ripe?

    Hi! So nice to hear that you having a great start this season! I haven't grown the orange thai, but from what I read online they are supposed to go from green to orange. No red in between. And I can't recall growing a pepper that went from red to orange, it's usually always the other way around...