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    We've been doing some experimenting with eggs, we'll be uploading more to the channel soon but here's our first recipe. Sriracha fried eggs! This could be done with most hot sauces I reckon. It'd mean a lot if you guys could hit 'subscribe' if you like the channel.
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    review Dr Augustus Overdose Sauce Review

    Dr Augustus has recently released a new Naga based sauce, this rounds off his current range of four sauces with his hottest one yet. Looks great and tastes amazing too.
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    Ghost Pepper Sherbet: Fire Dust

    Now that is the question .... I know the heat comes from an extract but that put into sherbet would just clump up. Maybe blended afterwards?
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    What is your favorite Stuffed hot peppers recipe?

    You can't beat Jalapenos stuffed with brie and wrapped in bacon, but a nice change is to stuff some Padron Peppers with a cream cheese, blister them and then sprinkle them with flaked salt. The cheese and bitterness of the Padrons go really nice and then there's the occasional hot one.
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    Ghost Pepper Sherbet: Fire Dust

    Hi again guys!   Here in the UK there is a 'Lick My Dip' chilli product subscription box and Ghost Pepper sherbet was in this month's. Quite possible the most fun chilli product I've ever had. Check it out
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    How do I embed a Youtube video in a post?

    Morning guys,   I'm having a bit of a moment and have forgot ....    The title says it all really, how do I embed a Youtube video in a post?
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    We're going be be on TV!

    Cheers guys. The shoot involved slow motion cameras and me eating crazy spicy pulled pork ... not sure how elegant I'm going to look ;)
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    We're going be be on TV!

    On Friday 24th at 9pm on Quest, a new show with Omid Djalili called 'Hot and Dangerous' is starting. The first episode is him taking on a stupidly hot curry in Birmingham, then the next week on Friday 31st 9pm it should be the episode we're in. We haven't seen any clips yet so not sure what to...
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    That stuff looks fun. We've got chilli popping candy over here in England, it's bloody brilliant.
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    hot-sauce hot sauces!!!!!

    Depends on our mood. That's like asking what your favourite song is. Anything with Mango and Habanero is generally a winning combination.
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    Hot Pina Colada

    We recently bought some of Grim Reaper Foods Pestilence syrup which is half a million SHU chilli extract mixed with white coconut rum. We'd seen it used in drinks before so decided to make a cocktail with it. We asked the Reaper himself what would be best and he suggested dark rum, coconut rum...
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    fermenting My Lovely Jalapeno Ferment! Photo!!

    On the plus side, if you were trying to make blue cheese that wouldn't be a bad attempt.
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    Roasted Cherry Pepper with Goat Cheese (w/pic)

    They look great. These work beautifully fresh with Brie as well, we've found using Hemp Oil and blistering them for 30 seconds or so works best.
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    review Chilli Britain: A hot & fruity adventure review

    Hi guys! Sorry we haven't been on lately, we've been rather busy with the website. Anyway, a chilli head here in England has written a book and kindly gave us a copy to review, excellent book about the UK chilli scene. It's available on ebook too.   Here's the link to the review if you fancy a...
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    How to properly pickle peppers

    Fresh grape leaves? How did you come across that? Thanks for all the tips!
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    What the hell are these, and are the causing this?

    If they are fast then not aphids, they just look very similar to the ones we had, though those were aphids and slow. 
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    What the hell are these, and are the causing this?

    I'd say the bugs are aphids, as very similar to the ones we had. We released ladybirds into our greenhouse and they dealt with the aphids really quickly. Good luck!
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    How to properly pickle peppers

    You absolute star, many thanks.
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    How to properly pickle peppers

    About a year or so ago now, we bought a jar of pickled Scotch Bonnets with garlic and they were by far one of the best pickled chillies we've ever eaten. The main thing was that the peppers were still crunchy with a pickled tang to them.   Since then we've been trying to replicate them and have...
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    pests help, aphids, should i spray all plants?

    We used ladybirds to treat our aphid problem and it sorted it really quick. They haven't returned yet so the ladybirds have done a good job!