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  1. Bofu

    Pepper X

    At the top by the stem it looks like it was about to change color to a brown if ripened longer. If so, I'd guess chocolate nagabrain.
  2. Bofu

    Trinidad scorpion, yellow 7 or carolina reaper

    If you are saying it's one of the 3 in the topic's title then it's definitely the yellow 7 pot.   Are they all pretty short and wide? To me it looks more like it could be a yellow SB7J (scotch bonnet x 7 pot jonah).   Make sure it's not the first pod the plant produced that you are trying to...
  3. Bofu

    Odd Vietnamese Pepper

    I see them always just labeled red chilis next to the thais. Some people call them hanoi market peppers. Not sure what people in Hanoi would call them. Look at google images of hanoi market peppers, you will see them in most the images.
  4. Bofu


    Same, I use a bladed coffee grinder. It became my pepper grinder after my wife had some 7 pot powdered coffee after I used it, heh heh.
  5. Bofu

    favorite Favorite peppers between 30-50k Scoville scale

    I'm not an aji family fan. But, I second the Brazilian starfish and Peruvian. My favorite in that range is the Bolivian rainbow peppers. They are so tiny they don't need cutting, just throw them on a meal whole, and grow them indoors year round as an ornamental.
  6. Bofu

    New in the forum and need your help to ID this beauty ;)

    To me, the thick walls, the stem, the seeds and the placenta looks more like scotch bonnets than anything else.
  7. Bofu

    Any idea what this Chilli might be?

    Some fresno plants grow pointing up. I'm 90% sure it's fresno. Facing heaven is much smaller.
  8. Bofu

    wanted WTB pods and purees

    I didn't have time to grow anything this year, so whenever people have pods or purees available, I'd love to buy some. I'm mainly into superhots, and will especially be interested in any 7 pots, BOCs, SB7J, Bad brains, Douglahs, or any orange, peach or pink varieties.
  9. Bofu

    Sepia serpent

    Sepia serpent doesn't get enough attention in my opinion. Love this pepper, but haven't had any in 3-4 years.
  10. Bofu

    Mixed SFRB $16 Before Noon EST Saturday US and PayPal

    I will take it if still available.
  11. Bofu

    Suggestions on what i should grow this coming season

    I second trying 7 Pot Pink.  The burgundy and pink are my two favorite 7 pots.  If you haven't tried Bahamian Goat, it is a must.  It's great for eating sliced over all types of foods.
  12. Bofu

    flavor Tastiest pepper?

    Mild: Thai - Can't get enough, best yet - dry roast them! Medium: Bahamian Goat - The sweet tropical flavor with a little kick Hot: BOC - Goes good on just about anything Superhot: Choc BBG7 - Naturally has a smoky flavor, makes great powder
  13. Bofu

    Known, unknown and possibles, help ID my peppers

    The second to last small dark purplish pepper could be black cuban, peruvian purple, black prince, or explosive embers.  Seeing the plant would narrow it down.
  14. Bofu

    vendor Joyners Hot Pepper powder

    I received my powders a couple days ago, along with 2 free samples.   :P   They are all amazing!  I couldn't believe the freshness and flavor - it's like they were just ground.  The smoked ones have a deep, rich, lasting smoky flavor.  I've eaten my share of powders to know these are top notch...
  15. Bofu

    Chocolate Primos

    I typically don't like chocolate varieties.  Douglahs I think are pretty good though, but the only one I've loved so far is the Chocolate BBG7.
  16. Bofu

    Bolivian Rainbow bonchi

    Absolutely LOVE this pepper!  Your plant looks very healthy.  My dog ate mine, peppers and all along with my ornamental thai.  We were not friends for a few days after that.
  17. Bofu

    List of Super Hot Peppers with good flavor?

    I've tried over half of those you're listing.  Many are good, but these one are great to me.   I second: 7 Pot Barrackpore 7 Pot Burgundy 7 Pot Jonah BOC Bahamian Goat Khan Brain Peach Bhuts   I would add: 7 Pot Pink Chocolate BBG7 Bad Brains Fatalii  
  18. Bofu

    seeds Germination Time in WI

    Thanks - this helps a lot!
  19. Bofu

    Acronym List

    Well, its all based on calculated probabilities.  So, let's say you take a F4 (with stable parents) and cross it with a F2 (with stable parents), the F2 descendant of the cross would be F4 ((87.5%*50%) + F2 (50%*50%)) / 2 = 34.375% homozygotes at F2 instead of 50%.  But, let's say you take your...
  20. Bofu

    seeds Germination Time in WI

      3 Months before transplant?  Did you have them in buckets already indoors?  I plan to jump from 4x4 squares to in-ground, so they can only get so big (don't want 50-100 5ga buckets in the house).  I'm thinking 10 weeks until they outgrow for mainly chinese varieties - does that sound right?  I...