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  1. kentishman

    cooking Fish Taco.

    That looks tasty. What sort of fish and how did you cook it?
  2. kentishman

    pics When do I pinch out tops of seedlings?

    Is it time to pinch out the tips of these seedlings?
  3. kentishman

    Newbie from SC

    Welcome from Oconee County, the Golden Corner of SC!
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    Hello-anyone remember gardenweb?

    I used to be active on the pepper and tomato forums on GW. I agree that it went downhill once Houzz took over. I got my butt chewed out by the self-appointed matriarch of the tomato forum because I expressed interest in getting seeds for some tomatoes. I was used to the friendly sharing nature...
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    cooking More Mushrooms!!

    Anyone familiar with Mushroom Mountain? Seems like a good resource.
  6. kentishman

    music R.I.P. Charlie Watts

    We keep losing the good ones.
  7. kentishman

    favorite Favorite ginger ale/beer?

    A couple of good ones are: Boylans from NYC Blenheim from SC, especially the hot version which is rumored to have hot pepper in it
  8. kentishman

    pod Chile Rayado Species?

    A couple more pics.
  9. kentishman

    pod Chile Rayado Species?

    Here are peppers on my plants.
  10. kentishman

    pod Chile Rayado Species?

    Hi macmex, In your last post you said: One or two folk from The Hot Pepper Forum had sent me pepper seeds as we corresponded about Chile Rayado. I can't recall the name of one of those varieties, and don't have my records on hand at the moment, but I want to say it was something like Luisa...
  11. kentishman

    MarcV 2021

    I need to grow Piment D'Espelette again. The seeds you sent me did very well. Interested to see you’re growing Gochugaru and Rayado. I’m still eating Kimchi from a batch I made two years ago. The stuff lasts forever and we love it on a grilled cheese sandwich. I’m trying Chile Rayado for the...
  12. kentishman

    Cabacinha laranja

    Hope you’re successful Marc. That is a pretty pepper. Just planted seeds for Jeromin and a couple of Hungarian paprika varieties. I grew Jeromin from the seeds you sent me a couple of years ago.
  13. kentishman

    hello from upstate SC

    Welcome from Oconee County, SC!
  14. kentishman

    Billy Joe Shaver — Live Forever

    In spite of his optimism on Live Forever, Billy Joe Shaver died last week. This video is worth a listen.
  15. kentishman


    I have grown some of the traditional Hungarian paprika varieties such as Szegedi 20 and Szegedi 80. These are used for commercial paprika production. There are a few varieties used for Spanish paprika production, but it is very difficult to get seeds for them.
  16. kentishman

    Uba Tuba

    It has other names such as Bishops Crown and Christmas Bells. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  17. kentishman

    shopping Look what I found in the grocery store!

    I grew it again this year. Will try to post a pic.
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    Culinary Art

    Caprese Salad Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  19. kentishman

    pod Chile Rayado Species?

    Thank you macmex for sending seeds. As you mentioned, they do germinate quickly. I started some on Sunday and four have already germinated. That’s less than 48 hours! I wasn’t expecting that, especially for seeds from 2016.
  20. kentishman

    Literal Takes On Popular Phrases

    I could care less. Should be I could not care less.