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    Word Association Thread

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    Colors from your garden - a colorful thread

      Number 1 is Golden Shower, I believe   Number 2 is Bougainvillea   Number 3 is.........on the tip of my tongue!   [EDIT}:  I was thinking lantana, but I'm not certain.  The flower looks a lot like butterfly weed, but has the wrong foliage.
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    Word Association Thread

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    CaneDog 2019 Hirsute Pursuit – Rocotos, Wilds & Moar

    Good looking plots! I miss mine. As far as the theft is concerned, try sprinkling some corn starch around like it looks like you've spread a pesticide such as Sevin. Even empty a Sevin container and toss it near the jalas. The theives will walk right past those plants. First, I tried flour...
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    music What Are You Listening To Right Now?
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    outdoors a fishing thread

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    Word Association Thread

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    Word Association Thread

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    Walchit 2019

    One year, I went dumpster-diving for cardboard boxes and used them in between rows and plants.  That did a decent job, so long as I didn't put anything, like mulch or straw, on it.  It would just get slippery as all get out and I'd slip and fall on my tush, klutz that I am.     :seeya:
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    Walchit 2019

    Andy, Sending you a PM
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    Word Association Thread

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    Word Association Thread

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    August 20th National Radio Day...CQ CQ CQ

    Not a radio, but brings back sweet memories of my Dad, who always had a couple of junk TVs sitting in the shed out back, as he'd rob tubes from one of them to keep the one we were watching going.  Same for the rototillers and lawnmowers.  The garden shed was jammed with spare parts.  He even...
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    Word Association Thread

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    DF 2019 Veg Glog

      Everything's looking great!  Looks like you're having a productive summer.
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    Word Association Thread

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    Skullbikers 2019 Indoor/Outdoor NOT PEPPERS Glog

    I can only dream. It looks wonderful and like you will be keeping busy. If any of those trees ends up being a Meyer lemon, they make KILLER lemon curd.
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    Word Association Thread

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    Word Association Thread

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    NO. Just, no.