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  1. Tybo

    media method to buffer coco?

    Visit Mom!
  2. Tybo

    media method to buffer coco?

    I have a bottle of calmag and only use it to buffer coco. I use 5ml/gal water and cover the coco with it. Let it soak at least an hour but most times I just let it soak overnight. Rinse it well with ph'd water and it's ready for use. No need to repeat. I use Jacks 5-12-26 base nutes and add...
  3. Tybo

    container Fabric pot water runoff and heat

    Forget about the bag. You shouldn't need it at all.
  4. Tybo

    container Fabric pot water runoff and heat

    It's my understanding that they "air prune" the roots which helps prevent the circling that the roots would do in a solid construction container. I've heard they also help the roots get oxygen. Like I said before, I use them and get decent results. Good luck with your grow!
  5. Tybo

    container Fabric pot water runoff and heat

    Oooops. Forgot to add that I use the black and the tan fabric bags and haven't noticed any difference but I do wonder if it affects them. I still get peppers though.
  6. Tybo

    container Fabric pot water runoff and heat

    Lining with a plastic bag would defeat the purpose of the fabric. You could try using Yuca powder to help break surface tension in your media. I use this one...
  7. Tybo

    hobbies Post your motorcycles!

    Just go faster. The sound will be behind you! :doh:
  8. Tybo

    Canedog Offseason Season 2022/23

    Hey CD. Is the Habanero Oxkutzcab just an orange hab from that area in Mexico. I've never heard of it so I curious. Also, where are your chocolate hab seeds from? Things are looking good!
  9. Tybo

    hobbies Post your motorcycles!

    I would think it needs at least a stubby rear fender. Isn't that gonna sling water everywhere? Or is it a sunny day only ride?
  10. Tybo

    Canedog Offseason Season 2022/23

    Thats cool CD! I don't have (cant find) the Moz Piri Piri seeds but I do have the PF Datils. I'm not growing them this season though. I've got almost all chocolate varieties started for this season. Habs and Bonnets mostly. I do have several San Isabel Island Hab seedlings and a few...
  11. Tybo

    Canedog Offseason Season 2022/23

    Nice looking grow CD and as always.......nice photos!
  12. Tybo

    Hello...Dancing Eyes is my name and I'm new here

  13. Tybo

    PaulG 2022

    Hi Paul. I just skimmed through your thread. Good job as always. Plants looking good. I especially like the looks of that Red Savina. Looks like you'll get plenty of those. Whats in store for them? Sauce? Powder?
  14. Tybo

    Hello from Belgium

  15. Tybo

    flavor Pumpkin Bubblegum tasted TERRIBLE.

    ^^^^^Like CraftyFox said above "Not all .........are the same then." I grew Bhut Orange Coppenhagen a couple seasons ago and they tasted bad. The plant was a monster and I was excited with all the production. Then I tasted one. Yuck!
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    New grower

  17. Tybo

    CaneDog 2022 Glog

    Is this your first grow of the Moz Piri Piri? Sorry if I'm forgetting.
  18. Tybo

    misc Pepper package in the mail

    Hey all. Picked up the mail today and was surprised to find this SFRB from someone I haven't heard from in a long time. Some of you older members remember him. Bhuter! Several years ago I got him to send me a box of peppers and he included his 7 pot Cinders in it. I saved some seeds and grew...