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    wanted Searching for Bhut/Chiltepin Cross or Similar

    I'm pretty sure I have something that would fit the bill...I'll shoot you a message later when I get a sec to look through my seeds.
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    Anyone used this neem

    I haven't used that one, but got this ...
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    Few peppers

    "les saintes glaces"...I like that.  What is that exactly, that last freeze before spring?  The Ice saints? Holy ice/freeze?   Makes me think we might have a similar expression in Cajun french.  Wish my grandparents were still here to ask.  I love those little phrases like that, that aren't...
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    Hello from Louisiana

    Welcome from Acadiana!
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    Ola !

    Bonjour et bienvenue de la Louisiane!
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    Burgers? Hell Yeah!!

    Personally, I don't like to add anything to the meat, I'll only add seasoning to the outside.  The reasoning is that any mixing can overwork the ground beef which will change the texture of the cooked burger.  I want it to be as tender and crumbly as can be, not chewy and dense.  The opposite of...
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    hot-sauce ENCONA Carolina Reaper Chilli Sauce

    Does anyone know what the (5%) behind the carolina reaper paste means?  It's confusing because then you have carolina reaper powder as an ingredient in the paste at 8%.  Either way, it seams that there is very little actual carolina reaper in this.
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    baccatum Aji White Lightning Bolt

    Damn...those are cool.  I'm definitely gonna put these on my growlist for next year.
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    music John Prine RIP

    I hope they don't bury him in that cold, cold ground...
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    Cut him up and pass him all around

    Cut him up and pass him all around
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    A&M Farms Expanding

    Awesome!  What types of peppers will you be growing?  I'm guessing you'll be selling fresh, dried, and powders?  Mash?
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    Bonjour from Brussels

    Bienvenue de la Louisiane!
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    wine Anyone making Loquat wine?

    Loquats, or Japanese plums, are in season right now.  I'm thinking about going around town and picking them from everybody's houses and businesses, because most people just let them fall on the ground and rot.  Thinking about making some wine.   Have any of y'all make fermented loquats in any...
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    Word Association Thread

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    Seedless pepper genetics

    I think there is heterogeneity in the F1 stage whenever the two parents were not homogeneous themselves.
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    Next to My Chair Again

    That bonsai pepper looks great!  I just found a volunteer Cheiro Roxa that survived the winter, so I wrapped the roots around a rock with some plastic wrap when repotting it.  Fingers crossed
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    Quarantine Saturday another delicious sauce

    Sounds good and looks good.   Were you wanting it to be a different color or what?  just curious as you why you ask?
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    Word Association Thread

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    This years baby pepper plants

    Looks like germination is going well! Reminds me I need to plant some cucumbers....