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  1. Pepperhunt

    Variegated Jalapeno Grow Log

    Thanks! And thanks for getting me set up with seeds! That's kind of what I was thinking. I've got about 7 or 8 that I'm growing I thinking since it's already warm enough outside where I live, I might start harding a few of them off even though they are still young and see if the ones kept...
  2. Pepperhunt

    health New to starting seedlings…Got a some questions, pictures included

    So I am new to growing and I have a couple questions that I have come across with my experiences. This post might seem scatterbrained but it is what it is. My first and most burning questions is regarding a handful of jalapeño and stripey seedlings I started a couple weeks ago. I started them...
  3. Pepperhunt

    Variegated Jalapeno Grow Log

    Got some Variegated Jalapeño Seeds a while back that I started a couple weeks ago (pretty late for my area) these are my results so far. They look a little sickly to me but the curl might just be how they are (still a little overly anxious after a majority of my pepper seedings in my main group...
  4. Pepperhunt

    in-ground Pepper Transplanting Q

    Thank you guys for the feedback! I really appreciated it!! It's always helpful to have reassurance from more experienced growers.
  5. Pepperhunt

    in-ground Pepper Transplanting Q

    I thought I knew how to plant peppers but conflicting information from the few days has confused me. I've been seeing information saying that when you transplant peppers into the garden to plant them deep, up to the first set of leafs. I've also seen sources saying not to transplant any deeper...
  6. Pepperhunt


    Hey everybody. I’m here to learn more about growing hot peppers and share experiences. I love gardening, including of course growing hot peppers. I’ve be really into gardening for about 6 year. Although I love gardening, my gardens don’t always love me. I have struggles quite a bit with having...