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    artwork Starting up in Florida

    Hey All.  New to the group but , I am in the same boat, so to speak. I am very familiar with the great reputation of Endorphin Farms.  I'd go with them in a minute, but I am still in the "micro phase" with my sauces, using 200 lbs or so of mash.  A kettle of 900 pounds minimum is something I...
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    Hello, New to the Group

    Thank you NECM!
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    Hello, New to the Group

    Hello All:   Finally joined up as I have been a lurker.  I am from Jupiter, Florida.  I too am a hot sauce lover/freak, grow peppers and make sauces.  We have been making our sauces since 1999.  This group has a lot of great experience, knowledge and such.  I look forward to reading and posting...