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  1. Bob_B

    What's a good "Thai chili" variety?

    I am a big fan of the Prik Kee Nu Thai pepper.  I especially like them chopped up in some Nam Pla which I add to all of my favorite Thai dishes.
  2. Bob_B

    What becomes of the surplus harvest?

    1.  fermenting and storing in fridge for sauces. 2.  smoking/de-hydrating and freezing. 3.  de-hydrating smoked and un-smoked peppers for powders. 4.  pepper jelly. 5.  give away.
  3. Bob_B

    If I don't move my plants into the shade will it do ok? (Houston Tx)

    I'm in zone 8b and my pepper plants generally do better with some shade - full sun in the summer is too brutal.
  4. Bob_B

    If I don't move my plants into the shade will it do ok? (Houston Tx)

    I'm in zone 8b and my pepper plants generally do better with some shade - full sun in the summer is too brutal.
  5. Bob_B

    topping pepper plants?

    The only time I top pepper plants is when they tend to grow mostly straight up.  This isn't a problem with Chinense and Baccatum varieties which bush out.  This year, I'm growing a Thai variety and a couple of Pipi de Mono plants that aren't naturally bushing - so I have topped these because...
  6. Bob_B

    Most Anticipated Variety

    Bicycle - I wanted to see if this Naga looks like yours.
  7. Bob_B

    Most Anticipated Variety

  8. Bob_B

    health What am I doing wrong?

    I can tell you from my experience that you have to be patient with Datils.  I've got 3 plants I grew from seed and they're lagging behind my Superhot varieties.  I noticed pods setting for the first time this morning.  Datils are very late season peppers but they're worth it.  Come September or...
  9. Bob_B

    need recomendations on super hot peppers to grow

    One strategy to deal with a short growing season like you have and inherently late season Superhots is to plan on over-wintering those that seem the most robust.  I haven't grown the varieties you mentioned, but I have a 3 season-old Trinidad Chocolate Scorpion that has been producing for the...
  10. Bob_B

    flavor They kinda taste the same

    Datil peppers have a most unique taste to me unlike all other yellow Chinense varieties.  I'm growing some this year from seed that came from Minorca, Spain and I'm really looking forward to making Datil sauce.
  11. Bob_B

    storage Best way to store peppers after harvest?

    I like to smoke, dehydrate, and freeze chipotles whole with the stem.  Habanero varieties I will dry and powder or I will ferment.  Numex varieties get eaten pretty quickly.
  12. Bob_B

    Most Anticipated Variety

    I'm pretty stoked about growing Naga Morich for the first time this season.  I'm also looking forward to growing out some Datils that came from seeds from Minorca Spain where some say they were originally cultivated.  I'm also growing an heirloom Red Cherry Hot that I look forward to pickling. ...
  13. Bob_B

    Pepper State?

    I really like smoking whole red ripe jalapenos to make chipotles and then sauce.  So, smoking is a big deal for me.  It's also a gateway to some great powders.   I also love sauces made with fermented peppers so that's another important way for me.   Finally, I love to cook Thai which is one of...
  14. Bob_B

    heat What's the hottest thing you're growing this year?

    Either Trinidad Chocolate Scorpion or Naga Morich - not sure which is hotter.
  15. Bob_B

    chinense Best Red Chinense Variety?

    I vote for the Caribbean Red - it's been on my short list of favorites since I first found them in 1996 at a Target store.  I especially favor them in Thai dishes like beef pad kra pao.  I also like slicing one up in tiny slivers and putting those in a small dish of Nam Pla to serve up as a side...
  16. Bob_B

    frutescens Frutescens: Why do people seem less interested in it?

    I favor the juiciness of Tabasco and I agree with the comment above about how really hot they are.  I actually sourced my seeds from the Tabasco store on Avery Island.  It's maybe not in my top five list, but I do like them a lot.  It's also quite prolific.   This season I'm growing Malagueta...
  17. Bob_B

    Pepper jelly

    Habs and dried apricots are my preference for pepper jelly - I especially favor Caribbean Reds.
  18. Bob_B

    preservation Preserving Rocotos/Manzanos?

      Mike - Judging from your ferment thread, it looks like you know a lot more about fermenting than I do.  But, it's a given that everyone has a bad batch sometimes.  I guess we learn from our mistakes.......   I am hoping next year I can actually grow enough Pubescens here in the Panama City...
  19. Bob_B

    fermenting TheGreenChileMonster Ferments Some Sauce

    Beautiful - I have some of the seeds you sent me germinating.  I hope I have the same results!
  20. Bob_B

    fermenting TheGreenChileMonster Ferments Some Sauce

    TGCM - are those Arequipa Rocotos in the initial photos?