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  1. Peter S

    Chocolate Rocoto grow update

    Update on the Chocolate Rocotos growing under the Mars Hydro SP150.
  2. Peter S

    Nutrient Companies

    This is what I was going to say too. I have been experimenting with MegaCrop, by Greenleaf nutrients, for some of my peppers this year. It's an all in one dry mix, so far so good. I've had great, maybe even the best results with Masterblend, but it does take a lot more time to mix. Is cheap though.
  3. Peter S

    Viparspectra XS1500

    I think it's a pretty fair price for the specs and materials they use. I didn't know that about the UV lights. I guess you could supplement with a reptile light. Do you know if plants respond better to UV-A or UV-B? I used to have reptile, and had a UV-B light for it.
  4. Peter S

    Viparspectra XS1500

    I started using the Viparspectra XS1500, it looks just like the 'P' series they came out with earlier in the year, but has upgraded Samsung LM301B diodes and Meanwell driver. I'm currently testing with some carnivorous plants I just got, but it'll go into production with my pepper starts next...
  5. Peter S

    Aji Chombo pod test

    Pod review of Aji Chombo pepper. The seeds were from Hugo Vera, of Panama.
  6. Peter S

    chinense Aji Chochabamba pod review

    Here's a review of Aji Chochabamba from my garden this year. It's originally from Bolivia.
  7. Peter S

    Peter Stanley - 2020 Grow Log

    Pepper grow update from this past Sunday.
  8. Peter S

    Peter Stanley - 2020 Grow Log

  9. Peter S

    Peter Stanley - 2020 Grow Log

    Thanks, Paul! I am planning to do the large Kratky's again, not sure which plants yet.
  10. Peter S

    Peter Stanley - 2020 Grow Log

    I've been a little behind keeping up this glog. Here the last three grow updates I've published. I'll start posting more pics too. Below are a few from this morning, in the hardening off process now.   KS Lemon Starrburst, three year old plant   This season's new peppers       Grow updates...
  11. Peter S

    Peter Stanley - 2020 Grow Log

    Thanks, Paul! They do work great. I've since moved that KSLSB plant outside, it's doing well.
  12. Peter S

    Peter Stanley - 2020 Grow Log

                  Thanks, everyone!   Here's a video of a few plants in my office at work under some Sansi LEDs.
  13. Peter S

    Peter Stanley - 2020 Grow Log

    I have a couple videos up, a little behind starting this topic for the year. Here are my seedlings as of yesterday My seed start video from a couple of weeks ago I'll post pics soon.
  14. Peter S

    Piri Piri pod test

    Here's a pod test I did of Piri Piri, from this past summer. I was little late editing the video. So when you see the garden and sunshine, that's not how things are looking now, lol.
  15. Peter S

    fertilizer Mixing 4-18-38 tomato fertilizer

    I made a video showing how to mix 'MasterBlend', in quotes because I'm not using the name brand MasterBlend in the video but it all mixes the same. I've used a few different brands of 4-18-38 over the years and have gotten the same results. Right now I'm using the Southern Ag flavor, because I...
  16. Peter S

    Peter Stanley - 2019 grow log

    My end of season update.
  17. Peter S

    Sansi 70-watt grow light

    Here's a five-wees update on this light.
  18. Peter S

    chinense Ghostly Jalapeno pod test

    Yes, I noticed that too, looks like he's out for now. White Hot Peppers has them in stock.
  19. Peter S

    chinense Ghostly Jalapeno pod test

    My son and I try the Ghostly Jalapeno. This is from a plant I grew, but the seeds were from Jim Morrow. The cross was created by Jack Skaggs.
  20. Peter S

    Aji Tangerine - 2nd annual plane wreck pod test

    My friend Phillip and I hiked to some abandoned plane wreckage in the mountains of western NC to review a baccatum pepper cross by Susan Garza.