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  1. Kramer

    indoor Starting to flower at just 5 weeks old

    Now that's what I'm talking about! Those are some fine specimen you have there, Ratz. I don't think they're flowering early at all considering that one there is already well into developing its second set of nodes. Nice job and best of luck with them!
  2. Kramer

    shopping New grower here

    Welcome! I'll also add Neil and Charlotte of Hippy Seed Company are very pleasant and top notch seeds. They also do some nice YouTube videos of the mature plants and taste testing. Highly recommend if you can wait a few weeks for intl post.
  3. Kramer

    indoor Starting to flower at just 5 weeks old

    I really wouldn't be concerned. Unless you have a pretty substantial breeze to pollinate it, the flower will probably just fall off. And there will be plenty more. If it does pollinate and produce a fruit, then I'd take it off so it can continue growing. Some folks deliberately pinch buds, but...
  4. Kramer

    health Cayenne seedling rescue

    Lots of light and some breeze are both great suggestions. I can only add that, in my experience, cayenne just tend to grow tall, for me at least. You just won't see them do the short bushy chinense thing, and even comparing them to other annuums, they've had just about the most propensity for...
  5. Kramer

    container Grow bags vs. Pots.

    I grew exclusively in fabric pots for the first time this year. Totally agree with the watering/drying out issue. I had to water almost everyday when it hit upper 80's and didn't rain. The air pruning nature of them is really cool though, definitely builds an excellent root bulb, but I think it...
  6. Kramer

    misc Are Capsicum annuum peppers worth growing?

    Yeah, that's the biggest one for me. Once I tried a ripe jalapa the first time, I knew the unripe supermarket ones were just never going to hit the same. They're sweeter, hotter, less grassy, and idk..juicier? I've never seen ripe ones being sold near me, just the massive green ones. So I'll...
  7. Kramer

    recipe Potato in hot sauce

    Nice Siv! I don't think I've ever tried a sauce with potato, but I've been meaning to experiment with some starches. One of my favorite bottles right now uses butternut squash and sweet potatoes along with super hots. Would never know it though unless you read the ingredients. Curious to hear...
  8. Kramer

    pics What hot sauce are you using right now?

    Torchbearer makes some tasty stuff. If I could just crack the recipe for that damn Zombie Apocalypse sauce, boy I'd be a happy man. Right now I'm on a 4 pack of ATX hot sauce, fermented by John M. down in Austin. Nice guy, nice product. First red scorpion sauce I admittedly enjoy.
  9. Kramer

    fermenting Mango Seabuckthorn Sauce

    I was getting more of a toasted ham sandwich vibe lol
  10. Kramer

    preservation Canning Ghost and Trinidad hot sauce

    Haha! If you thought cutting super hots was bad, wait until you start blending them. That'll get you doing a full on rope-a-dope at your counter.
  11. Kramer

    preservation Canning Ghost and Trinidad hot sauce

    I'd have to agree there. Because you just never know for sure.
  12. Kramer

    fermenting pH and safety after first week?

    It's mostly due to the salt at the beginning. This is why 2% is generally accepted as the minimum. I personally shoot for 2.5-3%. Creating an environment that is inhospitable to botulinum is multifaceted, though. Biggest keys are salt, pH, and temperature, and they all interact as well. For...
  13. Kramer

    fermenting Advice on fermented sauce.

    1. Yes, it definitely makes a difference. Lactic acid is something my palette was not used to when I started, it is sour but different than acetic acid from a vinegar fermentation. It's not something easily detected in a lot of fermented commercial sauces because they're mostly watered down with...
  14. Kramer

    fermenting Slow Fermenting Mash

    Thought I'd give an update on this since it has been a couple weeks since I opened the jar. I can't say how the flavor has continued to develop with the additional sugar and time, however it looks like the surgery was a success. There are virtually no signs of kahm yeast or anything that has...
  15. Kramer

    pod Purple bhut jolokia?

    Bhuts can certainly take their time. I started mine in January and don't think I got more than a couple decent pods until July or even August. If you want to try, there is also bih jolokia, the smaller podded cousin. I've really enjoyed it. Fruits are about 1/3 to 1/2 the size of regular...
  16. Kramer

    pics Kudos for an Online Peach Habanero Hot Sauce Recipe

    Really like the color on that one with the little red specs of habanero. Sounds like a fine sauce.
  17. Kramer

    misc No hardening

    Could substitute a more P and K focused feed for pod production if you think it's lacking fruit. I'd just keep doing what you're doing though. Part of growing peppers aside from eating them is also enjoying how they look, and yours look quite nice indeed.
  18. Kramer

    fermenting Slow Fermenting Mash

    Thanks for your input, Mike. Yeah, I don't really want to open it either, but I don't mind losing a ferment here or there if I can learn a thing or two. It still puzzles me why some ferments just fire right up and others don't, using the same process, same pods from same plants, the whole...
  19. Kramer

    fermenting Slow Fermenting Mash

    Greetings pepper friends. I've been experimenting a lot more with mashes this year since it's more convenient than chopping a gazillion pods. Despite trying to be as consistent as possible, the consistency of results has been a bit over the place. Some mashes stay mostly solid, some separate...
  20. Kramer

    pod Freak fruit that's a different colour

    Yeah, there's not much there that reminds me of a ghost.  Interesting find though.