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    issue Help in diagnosing issues

    It seems as though maybe not all is lost. In fact, they may all survive. I appreciate all the advice!
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    issue Help in diagnosing issues

    Just posted the pictures in the comments! I'm wondering if my soil was water-logged. My pots were intensely heavy, and after digging some of the soil, it was drenched.
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    issue Help in diagnosing issues

    I'm about 2-3 years into growing peppers, so don't mind my ignorance. I have about 5 specialty hot pepper plants that are close to death. They were all doing relatively fine until about 5 days ago when we had a few pretty cold nights (35° F). I have about 15 pepper plants growing at the...
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    Hey All!

    Hi everyone, My name is Jack and I primarily grow hot peppers in my garden. This year I have expanded my growing area, and gotten into more eclectic types of hot peppers. This increase has not only strained me, but my peppers as well. Hopefully ya'll can help a brother out!