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  1. KrakenPeppers

    heat The hottest small pepper?

    I have a Carolina Reaper x U/K... they grow about a quarter the aize of a reaper but pack about 75% of there heat... I also have a Moruga x FIrecracker that grows about the size of your fingertip that is about twice as hot as a habanero.. And I also have a Yellow Moruga x Brazilian starfish that...
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    Krakens 2016 - 2017 Grow

    Today marks the start of my 2016 – 2017 grow.   This year will be all about my crosses both old and new as I have some very special peppers to look forward too.   The majority of my plants will be F1 - F4 variety’s along with a few must haves. Along with my crazy hot crosses I intend to focus...
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    Yeah .... they dont look HOT at all !!!!!   =P
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    pics Lets see your meanest, most gnarly pods!!!

      Would you believe out of the approximately 10-15 plants I grew only two survived and none of them podded up, the first batch died pre season... and the second batch I threw in way to late in the season,.. =(  So shattered... Still got plenty of seed for next season though so I will have...
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    The Krakens 2015-2016 Glog

    Here's a fuller pod of my Red Moruga x White Firecracker F1 .. Pods are small firecracker in size ripen green to red and have an annum taste that changes to strong chinense.. Pods are all uniform double chambered and have the double bump bottom
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    shade Nicest shade house I have ever seen.

    Looked like a plain pepper on the outside, pretty gnarly on the inside... I'm guessing theres a good chance he's a THP member. Hottest pepper.. or .. too much pig and beer before trying one ?? The reactions seemed more from irritation than heat.. When I gave a few of my mates my crosses, they...
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    The Krakens 2015-2016 Glog

    Really finding it hard to keep up with my pods atm.. Harvesting seed.. Drying out.. Freezing pods... I have them all over the place at the moment... My wife is going crazy .. =P   There on window ledges, tops of fridges, table tops, fridge shelves , drawers and in freezers...   I wouldn't mind...
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    The Krakens 2015-2016 Glog

      All good =P .. The chocolate pods are amazing... I just picked about 50 pods and have half drying and the other half frozen fresh. They had a hint of bitter on first bite that quickly passes and moves on a good delicious heat. Most of them are very uniform in shape.. long triangle wrinkly pods...
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    The Krakens 2015-2016 Glog

    I just ate one of the smaller pods.. About the size of a pea.  Had no placenta inside and too small for seeds. Still burned me better than a habanero.. OMG.... atleast 500k heat .. so good!
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    pics Lets see your meanest, most gnarly pods!!!

    Yeah green scorpion .. And yes it's mild
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    pics Lets see your meanest, most gnarly pods!!!

    Nothing too 'Gnarly' but some of my better pods of this season ...  
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    The Krakens 2015-2016 Glog

    Here's one of this years F1's Crunchy, but juicy with a hit of chinense and green that fades off to a fresh hot taste.. Much smaller pods than either parent, and on the middle of parents heat.. All pods identical with the double dint and tiny thorns on the pods ..
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    The Krakens 2015-2016 Glog

    Here's what some of the 'Oni' pot no# 2 pods look like, things are putting my BBM to shame.. Pods ended up just gnarly enough to be cool.. Going to eat some of this pod later today
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    The Krakens 2015-2016 Glog

    I have only picked a few pods off it so far, they all look the same.. I havent tried one yet, I probably will today or tommorow.. and I'll let you know.
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    The Krakens 2015-2016 Glog

    Here's a few more pods over the last week ..   NOT a Bhut Orange Copenhagen   Green Scorpion   Green Scorpion - Cross Section   UMCD - Off Pheno ?? Cross ??   UMCD - Cross Section   Bhut Orange Copenhagen - Nice heavy pod..   Giant Chocolate Hab Cross   White Firecracker x Red...
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    Is this a Ghost or Hab?

    Looks to rough to be a hab.. I'd go with Ghost at this pesent time until proven otherwise..   On second look though that calyx on the top pic looks more Habbish...   Bah, might have to wait and see
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    The Krakens 2015-2016 Glog

    Here's a few pods from today.. A few of my Stripey 7 Pot Naga crosses, a few varying sized Aji Jobitos and an assortment of others including Bhut orange Copehnagen , Chocolate Brazilian Ghost, Yellow Moruga , Green Scorpion , Pimenta Da Neyde, Mini Black Naga, Carolina Reaper x Brain Strain...
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    Anyone growing Yaki blue?

    I cant believe I never posted my ripe pod pics... Here they were from last season ...            And here's some plants from this year       I really love my pheno of Yaki Blue ... It's a lovely dark plant with hints of green, the pods start of deep purple and rubbery to touch, and ripen...
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    Reaper,Ghost and Scorpion Peppers

    You want to give your plants as much light (in the growing spectrum) they can get while maintaining minimal heat..  Just make a new temproary stand for those lights mounted a foot or less above them and throw some foil around them as a reflector..
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    chinense Thorns on caribbean red habanero pod?

      Sorry... should of said orange habanero, I just refer to them as carrot habs...