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  1. Nova

    Wok's Up

    I love Woks. Bro there is a channel on youtube called "wok before you run" and it's awesome. Check it out if you get the chance.
  2. Nova

    pod Supposed to be habaneros

    Doesn't look like a traditional Hab to me. But whatever, as long as it tastes good!
  3. Nova

    LED Project

    Common reasons for flickering or flashing LEDs are dimmers, non-compatible transformers or drivers and failed internal electrical components. If there are a number of lights which are all flickering in the same manner then it is highly likely that the LEDs are not compatible with the installed...
  4. Nova

    Fatali Plant Won't Turn Green

        The way to send it with Fatalii is to have a very loose mix of organic matter (which has recently deceased and composted birds and or animals) in it. They love to have companion plants as well and adore clumping.   Grow some Goats Weed next it. I bet it will take off. 
  5. Nova

    Odd looking Tangerine Dream

    It almost looks like a big fat orange tobasco plant.
  6. Nova

    heat Where did the heat go?

        Hey there Mitch if you  could share some recipes it would be great. I am somewhat Scottish myself and would like to combine ingredients.
  7. Nova

    hybrid Eating mysterious peppers and my own words. (A rant on crossed seeds)

      "Fast-forward to right now, and of 9 plants that have produced ripe pods, 3 were way off-pheno, and probable crosses. There's a few others that are suspect, but we'll see what happens when they color up. But yeah, jumping from 4% to 33%, that don't feel good. Mostly bc I hate to admit to...
  8. Nova

    pickling Chilli Pickled Eggs.

    Looks awesome. One question do they fall apart if left or turn to rubber?
  9. Nova

    music What Are You Listening To Right Now?

    Jihad is closer than i thought.
  10. Nova

    Two Word Turd

    he said
  11. Nova

    Word Association Thread

  12. Nova


    If you have just two sprouts per pot it's not a big deal. You may even end up with more pods depending on the plant.   You don't want to bunch them though, they don't like orgies.
  13. Nova

    fermenting Does this fermentation look proper?

    To answer your question directly, no it does not look proper.    You want everything submerged under the liquid, airlock or no airlock. Cheese cloth and sterilised marbles or even pebbles can be used to do this.    It appears as though you may have fermentation happening. As mentioned before did...
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    music What Are You Listening To Right Now?

    Pm me ya addy poof i gots ta send ya some sauce, as per avatar. Fully legit. 
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    off-topic Good Mornin' Thread - For those that get up really early and post

    Homer must be a big dog. Give him a belly rub and a cow shin for me. 
  16. Nova

    "The Scovie Chronic-le"

    Hey J i want your sauce.
  17. Nova

    music What Are You Listening To Right Now?